September 15, 2010

Finery For Fellas

By request, I'm adding an installment here on the blog just for the fellas, or the ladies in their lives.  To make it easy on you guys, I will tag all of these posts as "Finery For Fellas".  So when you need a fashion fix, or more like an idea of what to wear this weekend, just look in the labels section.  Simple enough? 

First and foremost, be willing to embrace "new".  Items you've had for years usually look, well, like you've had them for years.   Styles change.  Fits change.  Your waist line may have changed... just saying!

Today's tip is one of the easiest ways to impress.  Dress up a notch higher than the occasion requires.
Throw on a blazer before you walk out the door.  
Need a visual? 

Okay, that was really for the ladies...  But for fun, here are some more options.

Oh, and if you're wearing jeans, think dark denim!

1 comment:

Gray Benko said...

Love that first look...or is it just the model? Hmm. I LOVE all of these looks, but I think the last 2 are my favs!