September 14, 2010

Join The Dark Side

When I began designing our home I knew I wanted grey, grey, and more grey.  Sound dreary?  It's not at all.  In fact, most of our home is inviting and light.  What gives our home the drama and dimension it needed are charcoal accents and dark hardwood floors.  My favorite rooms share a common element: dark, charcoal shades contrasted against grey and white tones. 
Feeling inspired to join the dark side?  Check out these images I have gathered below.  They are nothing short of sensuous and sensational.

Molly Sims' home via La La Lovely

Jenna Lyons' bathroom via Elements of Style


Gray Benko said...

Can you please come redecorate my house for me? Thanks. I love that office space, I would kill for my home office to look like that!

Anonymous said...

you change your fonts!! i'm so so very proud! :)

Chassity said...

Oh Gray your home is beautiful, but you know I would help you with anything.
And thanks Jenna. If I had actually scrolled down and read through the long list of directions BEFORE I began changing the fonts, I probably would have chickened out ;)