October 1, 2010

New York Is For Lovers

I'm on my way back to NYC for the weekend.  This time, I have my husband in tow and I couldn't be happier about it.  The plan is no plan.  I'll, of course, fit in some shopping (wink, wink).  There will likely be plenty of eating also.

For now I'm busy finishing up packing and crossing off errands on my "to do" list.  Did I mention packing?  Can you believe that my husband just surprised me with this to accompany us on our travels?
Gorgeous, right?  If you've been reading my blog then you KNOW I've been lusting over J.Crew's Mongolian fur awesomeness.  And it is awesome.  But it's big ya'll.  BIG.  Plus my husband thought it was atrocious.  So I have decided to exchange it for it's smaller, more subtle (can you call a white fur bag subtle?) version.
Perfection.  Remember my post about it here?  I asked my husband if he would regularly be surprising me with the beauties that I blog about.  He sneered.

Back to the trip.  I, of course, am excited to hit up Zara and H & M.  I'm pretty pumped to make it to the tail end of the Piperlime pop up shop in Soho.  I'm also dying to get to Topshop among many other stops.  And I already have this jacket in my sights at Uniqlo.

know Lilly would be happy to score this little number so she can match her Momma.
So, as you can tell we'll have plenty to do and see over the weekend.  I hope you lovelies have a bright weekend planned as well.  Let's meet back here Monday morning for coffee and a gagglefest.


Kirsten Krason said...

Have so much fun! I'm so jealous!

deborah said...

but you're heading to the big apple? maybe you need the big bag? have a fabulous time. just a smidgen jealous. :) and that last outfit? possibly too cute.

traci zeller designs said...

Oh, I have found that the blog is a FABULOUS way of letting my hubby know what I am into these days. He has surprised me on more than one occasion! ;-)