December 14, 2010

Tricia Shares Her Favorites

Hold on to your winter hats.  This week's Designer Favorites feature is breathtaking.  While Tricia Turner Manasra may be new to the blogging world, she is certainly not new to design.  As the founder of Atelier Turner Event & Design, Tricia creates events and interiors by mixing modern and traditional elements.  Her blog has quickly picked up my radar thanks to her Style House Series featuring a dizzying array of designer furniture selections.  My goodness it's GOOD.

Hi! It’s Tricia from Atelier Turner [the blog] here to share my favorite pieces of goodness from my abode. I recently met Chassity through the blogosphere. She sure is one savvy blogger…and a delight! I apologize in advance for going a bit crazy with the images. Chassity, thanks for having me over today;-)

My white entry console houses some of my most favorite objects. First, I should tell you I put some serious sweat equity into modernizing this once yellow and tired 50’s piece I found at a vintage shop. Now, it’s a very crisp and clean white allowing everything I place on top to pop.

Oops…accidentally got my Christmas toes in this last picture {thought I would just throw that in for fun}!

• Big fan of family heirlooms {they serve as everyday reminders of those special people who touched my life}. Velvet riding hat and leather whip {my late great aunt’s who was an avid rider}. Silver tray {belonged to my grandmother}.

• Rock was found in the Arabian Desert by my husband {when he was a child}. Mother-of-pearl drum {from the Middle East}…{gifted to my husband from his mother when he was a teen}.

• Picked up the black pottery during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. This handmade beauty is crafted from black clay {which is unique to Oaxaca and a part of their ancestral identity}.

• Love my orchids {too bad I can never keep them alive}. Got any great tips or tricks to keep these suckers blooming? I’m all ears!

I’m an Interior Architect so I designed this fireplace/mantle {and the surrounding bookshelves} for our loft. It keeps us toasty in winter.

My husband and I custom designed our home {we spent a day at the stone and marble emporium selecting slabs of granite and marble}. Hubby spotted this leftover piece of Esmeralda Green Onyx {it was thrown to the side and on the ground}. We snatched it up. {Surely a statement piece in our second bathroom}.

Five lanterns {evenly spaced across our southern wall} create subtle drama through repetition.

Acquired the Edelman Leather Hair-on-Hide rug through fierce bidding {at my former workplace auction} Was once a half hide {I cut that puppy in two to my husband’s horror (he quickly came around)} and they are now happily sitting pretty on our floor.

An engagement gift from my parental units. {our kitchen pendants bring out her crystal sparkle}.

Bargained and drank a lot of Turkish tea to get a deal on these handmade silk embroidery pillows {first laid my eyes on them at the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul during our honeymoon}.

xoxo Atelier Turner

It's all beautiful, really, but those lanterns along the brick wall had me at first glance.  What a cozy and eclectic abode.  Thanks so much to Tricia for sharing her favorites.  Be sure to check out her gorgeous blog, Atelier Turner, and don't miss her Style House series.


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Absolutely STUNNING!!! Firstly, her photography skills are ridiculous and then there's the actual home- love the marble in the bathroom, fireplace, entry console and everything on it, red hide (alot)...all of it. Excited to check out her blog some more- this was inspiring! Thanks for sharing Chassity- love this series. xo

Atelier Turner said...

Hey Christine...Was introduced to your blog through look linger love {guess that's how the blogosphere works right} and I really enjoy the very artistic/romantic quality of bijou and boheme. It's beautiful.

Chassity, your guest series is genius...wish I had thought of it myself;-). Thanks again for having me!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

What absolute gorgeous pics!! Can't wait to go check out her blog! thanks for the tip!

Tammy@InStitches said...

She has a gorgeous home filled with special treasures ! Thanks for sharing....

Amanda said...

I am over the moon about that emerald granit! And the special collected pieces...ooohh I am smitten :)

Ruthie {LookLearnLove} said...

Such a beautiful house and fun post! The white lanterns are my favorite, well along with that amazing fireplace! Orchids are the only flower I can keep alive funnily enough. Tricia - my tip is to water them very little - just enough to wet the soil about every week and a half.
ps - thanks for visiting today Chassity!

Allison {Live Love Small} said...

the fireplace is exquisite...going to see her blog!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Amazing. I love those lanterns. Wow

Aubrey said...

That is really fun...but by far my fav picture is the one with her toes in it! Too cute. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I hope you enter my giveaway! (c:

traci zeller designs said...

What a beautiful home! And I love the photo with the toes. ;-)

things that sparkle said...

How gorgeous! Her home is stunning and love the close up photography said...

Absolutley amazing!!!!!
Love the fireplace, heirlooms and the orchids
(they are my favorite as well)!!
Thanks for sharing you're beautiful home!!
And another great installment in your great series Chassity!