June 27, 2011

Upcoming Trip - San Diego

Happy Monday, Everyone.  Did you all have a great weekend?  Mine was wonderful. Went to a Riverdogs (our local minor league) baseball game Friday night.  Got to see a lot of friends at a wedding shower on Saturday, and hung out in the pool on Sunday.  Sadly, no beach this weekend.  I win "Mom of the Year" because on Thursday night I gave Lilly a bubble bath that gave her a rash, so we didn't want to push it by going in the ocean.


Anyway, the point of this post is to gather some information.  We're heading to San Diego this summer with my side of the family.  I've been once, but it was years ago and really was just to see Lilith Fair (Do you all remember that concert series? Was so fun!).  So this time it'll be much different.  There's about 30 of us in all going.  Thanks to my grandparents we go somewhere every year.  We've done Hawaii 4 times (Maui & Kauai = bliss), a Mediterranean cruise (major dreamy), an Alaskan cruise (beautiful, but don't need to go again til I'm 50+), and Grand Cayman (Great time but don't need to go back).  We all decided we didn't want to travel as far this time, and San Diego won out.

So tell me, what are the must do's in San Diego?  We plan to take Lilly to the zoo and to Sea World, but think we'll skip Lego Land since she's so young.  Any great restaurant suggestions?  Where do I need to go to shop?  And fyi, these places don't need to be for 30 people, everyone is free to do their own thing on these vacays.  We'll also be getting a babysitter some of the time too.  We have a few restaurants in mind, but I'd love to hear what you all have to say.  Oh, we're also going to see a Padres game while we're there.

We're staying at the Grand Del Mar.  Looks dreamy.

And any tips for traveling with a toddler would be much appreciated.  We've traveled with Lilly a lot, but not cross country.

I'm super pumped to see my family.  Living in Charleston I'm the furthest from everyone (they're all in Kentucky, Indiana, and Nashville).  One of my favorite things is when all of my cousins get together.

{Last year in Hawaii.  We may have ended up singing Karaoke later that night!}

And seeing new sights.  I'm 5 months pregnant here, Lilly's holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  We also went to the beach right after this, hence the outfit...

And of course getting a whole week with Josh.

{In Maui}

Yep, I start looking forward to these trips the day we get back from the last one.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to get to spend a week with my whole family like this.  And while San Diego may not seem as "glamorous" as some of our other destinations, I know it'll be great.  So help me out, where should we go??


marysia reeves said...

How FUn! No shopping to report in San DIego..we went while living in LA but didn't find any worth it stores so you let me know if you find something...enjoy the family and zoo:)

there was a cute childrens store in del Mar..forget the name but it's not hard to find..so many cute toys!

Morgan said...

So fun!! I've been to San Diego but only for work so I don't have any good suggestions unfortunately.
LOVING your pink dress in the last picture! So pretty!

claudia b said...

How fun! Legoland is in Carlsbad, which is not too far away, and then there's the San Diego Zoo - we just went in April and it was a great trip - have fun!!!

Things That Sparkle said...

I'm no help with suggestions, but it sounds like a perfect vacation! Have so much fun

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I wish I could help but I've never been- I've heard it's beyond gorgeous though and I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time...can't wait to see all of your photos:)

Deanna Pai said...

I haven't been there since I was younger, but I do remember spending hours and hours in the zoo. It was my absolute favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

Yaaay!! I lived in SD for 5 years so I can help!! It was a few years ago so I'm sure there are new places to go, but definitely go to Fashion Valley for shopping. Pamplemousse or Mille Fleurs would be good for a "fancy" dinner. Jakes in Del Mar is a must for dinner or lunch. I could go on and on. email me if you need more info!! xoxo e

preppy beach mommy said...

I live in San Diego, actually Encinitas and lived in del mar for a couple years. You will have a blast! Message me and I will hut together a nice little list of fun things in our fab city!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Girl, anytime you get to travel with family, it's fabulous! 30 people?!? That will be bananas...in a good way (c: I've only been to SD twice and I'm pretty sure I have absolutely no good advice for you...yeah, we just did the usual. And a whole week with the hubby sounds like heaven!

Amanda Heady said...

We were just there last month. Try the Fashion Valley for shopping. There is also a close IKEA store in that area too. I think Mission Beach would be fun too-- arcades and carnival rides. Gaslamp district has some fun resturants.
Have fun and safe travels.

Taylor Renee said...

Fun, fun! I live in San Diego! Love it. A few ideas - I would actually recommend the Wild Animal Park instead of the zoo. It's actually run by the zoo but is about 30 minutes north and is FABULOUS. Better than any zoo I've ever been to as far as the animal enclosures and you can take a number of tours including a zipline over the park and one where you can feed rhinos and giraffes! Your daughter would love it! I also recommend horseback riding - either up in the mountains in Temecula (where you can also do a winery tour) or down by the beach - there is a fabulous beach ride I've done twice!

I would also recommend La Jolla to see the sea lions and its a lovely place to shop/have dinner. You can snorkel or kayak there as well. I have tons of other suggestions so please feel free to email me if you want any more!

taylorengler (at) gmail.com

Kristen Ellis said...

I just discovered your blog...it is great! I'm a fan! The girls in my family do a summer vacay every year and it is the best. Have a great one!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

SO so fun!!!! That will be great. Let me think about some restaurants!! how fun.

S & H said...

If you are planning on going to the zoo make sure you do it early on and if you can avoid the weekend then great. It is packed on the weekend and the animals tend to be sleppy/being fed in the afternoon.

If you are looking for a yummy lunch to take on a picnic head to Con Pane Rustic Breads and Cafe (near Point Loma). It is delicious.

Pizza Port has some really good pizza...located in Carlsbad and Encinitas.

I would completely skip Legoland, it is really just for older kids.

Best beaches: Solana Beach is fabulous and they have some fun shopping in the downtown area as well as great restaurants.

La Jolla is a must visit as well. Shops, beautiful views and yummy eats.

I'm not sure if the Del Mar Fair will be open when you visit but that is a fun activity for playing games, seeing animals and eating fair food. Also they have horse races there but you will have to check the dates to see if they coordinate with your trip.

I'm sure there are more...if you need anything else just contact me. Have fun!

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

I have never been to San Diego but have to say you look just cute as a button in that pink dress! :)

carissa leigh said...

I love san diego. I am obsessed with mexican food so I just ate as much as I could because we don't have good mexican in new york... my favorite was a food truck called mariscos issac. I think you can find it on yelp.com if you type in san diego and then the name.

Sarah@totalbassetcase said...

The zoo is fantastic!

And La Jolla is super fun and beautiful!!

CHH said...

Dear Chassity,

You should treat yourself and check out Jules Skin Studio in La Jolla (website, Facebook, Twitter & Yelp).

Have a great day.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Jamie said...

sorry for this random comment: just had to say that i think it's funny that in the last 2 years i have lived in all the places your family hails from (i went to UK, Nashville for a job, got married in SC, moved to Indiana, and now will be moving to Charleston)!! i'm thrilled to be going to Charleston and think it's so fun that is where you are from!! i would LOVE any secret places to eat or shop!!

i'm sure you'll have a wonderful time in San Diego!!! California shouldn't be as humid/sticky as SC is :) Enjoy your time & have a great trip!!!!!

Read Family said...

First off, LOVE your blog!! Secondly, my husband and I stayed at The Grand Del Mar last October for a babymoon of sorts before our second child was born. The hotel is fab!!!! The staff is so great at making your stay perfect! If your looking for an amazing culinary experience, Addison restaurant is like no other and it's at the hotel- soooo good! We enjoyed LaJolla and Coronado Island- was fun to walk around and window shop. Y'all will have a great time!!!


I can't tell where to go in San Diego but I know that after living in Charleston, you will love not having humidity! I have only been there a handful of times and that was years ago. Just being with family is always a plus. Enjoy :)

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

I love San Diego and know you will absolutely love it too! We stayed at the Hotel Del on Coronado and it was fabulous. Love that charming little island! If you are planning on visiting the Zoo, be sure to do the behind the scenes private tour. It's worth every little penny. I think you have to book it in advance, but you get personally escorted on golf carts around the zoo and get to be up close with the animals where regular visitors cannot. Lots of fun if you like animals! xo

Jylare Smith said...

So excited to see you!

Lonely Wife Project said...

You're coming to my neck of the woods (I live in Del Mar)! Here are some MUST DO/EAT/SEES in San Diego:

Spend a couple hours at Balboa Park (could even do it on the same day you do the zoo), Coronado Island, downtown Del Mar (so quaint), Gaslamp, Little Italy, La Jolla Shores!

Some of my fav restaurants: Cucina Urbana, Trattoria y Trulli (Encinitas) The Counter (Del Mar), Jakes, Pampelmousse and definitely Pizza Port for the best pizza in SD.

Cute boutiques for shopping in downtown Del Mar and La Jolla. If you feel like going to a mall, definitely do Fashion Valley.

Email me if you have any other questions. Have fun!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

ok, so I've never been to San Diego so can't help you out, but I do know some tips for traveling with kiddos ;)

- Try to schedule your air ticket close to her nap time, that way she'll sleep in the plane.

- Let her walk, run, etc at the airport so by the time she has to sit in the plane she is out of energy (or at least has less left!)

- Bring enough distractions with you on the plane (coloring, videos, etc)

- Pray!


Ashley said...

If you love beautiful architecture, make sure to check out Balboa Park. It is unlike any other place I've been to. Just beautiful!

Bud and Leo said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! I used to live in LA and would take trips down to SD- the only main things I can say are Jake's, and the PB area for casual running around and the W there used to have a rooftop bar w/ heated sand that you walk in- so fun! Not sure if those are still the places to be though bc that was 5 yrs ago :) Have a great time!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Um, are your grandparents on the market for another grand daughter? I play well with others.

I haven't actually been to San Diego! Ever!

Christine said...

For some good taco shop fare go to Lolita's.

The SD Zoo is open later in the summer (aka Nightime Zoo), but I recommend getting there right when it opens.

Coronado Island is BEAUTIFUL. Gotta try MooTime Creamery. Also on Coronado is Peohe's. Yummy. Try the coconut shrimp.

La Jolla is a must. The best sandwichs are at The Cheese Shop. The flourless oatmeal cookies are addicting :]

Hope this helps!

Chic Coastal Living said...

Have fun!!! and thank you for the travel tips you sent me the other day! You're the best!

Erica Jackson Curran said...

So fun! I wish I was going. My favorite things were driving up the coast (Del Mar, La Jolla, Point Loma), seeing the seals, dinner at Cowboy Star, and walking around Old Town. I didn't find much cute shopping though. Design Sponge has a good guide! http://www.designsponge.com/2011/03/san-diego-design-guide.html

Allison said...

My brother lives in San Diego! It's beautiful. Be sure to visit a farmer's market. They are amazing in CA! Lil will love it...Rory likes to people watch! AND g/l on traveling. She did awesome for 3 trips out to CA, but lots of snacks and iPhone kept us sane. Sad I know, but it truly does keep the little one occupied.
Don’t forget the iPad if you have one! OH and have fun at the zoo...it's amazing. Bring comfy shoes, it's huge, hills too! our next trip I think we're doing the wild animal park. Have fun and enjoy the food too!

Belle on Heels said...

san diego is fabulous, you will LOVE it! i can't recommend piatti in la jolla enough. la jolla itself is totally gorgeous and worth the drive, but the food and service at piatti are both to die for!