September 24, 2011

You Want To Read This Post. It's Good.

I was invited to preview the Armani Collezioni Fall & Spring lines this past week at Rapport on King Street.  Those of you in the Charleston area who still grieve over the loss of our downtown Saks location definitely need to stop in.  Anne Summer opened up Rapport at the end of 2010 to keep the gorgeous lines and talented staff that Saks provided alive here in Charleston.  Hallelujah.

I was happy to have an excuse to drop in for a little informal modeling (not by me of course!) and mingling.  As you can see the preview of Armani Collezioni's Spring line is bright and breathtaking.  The quality and detailing is truly incredible.  

I specifically requested that the model put on that pink jacket above.  It is my favorite piece and I knew you all would love it too.

And I managed to grab one quick photo with a few of the ladies there.  From left to right we have Jackie Tyler Thomson (Leapfrog), me donning my 26 week baby bump, Erin Perkins (High Heels & Two Wheels), Stacy Huggins (Charleston Art Magazine), and Rebecca Blackman (Leapfrog).

Thanks for the beautiful event (and delicious pimento cheese sandwiches), Rapport!  If you're in the Charleston area you should swing by and check it out.

Have you all heard about the Dollhouse Design Challenge that Emily Henderson is pulling off?  She and a great slew of talented blogging ladies are all designing and decorating dollhouses.  I die over the excitement of it all.  We all swooned last year over Curbed National's Operation Dollhouse Project.  Here's a look back at Lonny's teeny tiny masterpiece (my favorite)...

Well, the standard has been set quite high but I think we're going to see some incredible creations come deadline time mid December.  All the ladies participating will be regularly posting progress photos as they go.  I'm SO excited to follow my girl Amanda's design process as she and her daughter create a dream dollhouse together.  How sweet is that??! 

Can you even imagine the frenzy if these ladies would sell their luxe living dollhouses... Holy Merry Christmas morning for a small few but very lucky little (or big) girls!

Oh, did I mention that anyone can take part in this Decorate A Dollhouse challenge?
 So if you're feeling inspired go get to it!!


Now, I always adore Caitlin's style, but I really loved this outfit she shared this week!  So cute, especially liking that blazer!

Go girl!  And I seriously can't wait to see the outcome of your Glitter Guide features you're working on this weekend.


Finally, we'll wrap things up today with yet another sweet nursery creation that an amazing reader was inspired to whip up for my little man.  (Ya'll are seriously the best!)  Check out Emily's post for all the shopping sources (you know you want that pendant light).

Happy Saturday to you all!


Emily | Recently said...

Chassity, you are officially a sweetheart! :) Thanks for sharing my nursery! PS- Look at you and your cute baby bump! You look fabulous!

Morgan said...

So much to comment on! Love the round crib. Glad you had the model put the pink jacket on! Looks like a fun afternoon!!

L.A. in the bay said...

congratulations on the baby!!!
And those clothes are gorgeous. I am loving that pink jacket as well.


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Ok you sure know us all, I love the jacket, the color and the collar detailing are gorgeous!

I also fell in love with Caitlin's outfit this week ;)

PS: Baby Evans is looking so cute!

Limited Edition Prints said...

So glad someone has picked up where Saks left off. We are in Charleston once a month and hated when they closed.

Caitlin said...

Chassity thank you so much for including me on your blog!! so honored! XO

Taryn said...

That Armani collection is amazing--I love classic with a twist--certainly serves it up =)

Be Inspired said...

I'm in love with your blog! You are so adorable!

Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty said...

I love this big post!! The collection is feminine and just beautiful! You look adorable! I loves the round crib and it's a good space saver too! :) Caitlin's outfit is adorable and your right the little detail on the blazer is so cute! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

BMC said...

Yep, you were right, it was gooooood...I am dying right along with ya on that pink jacket...that amazing neckline and detailing is sa-weet! And look at Mini Mr. Evans! Already making appearances in fashion soirees (c; Love it! Can't wait for the dollhouse challenge...doesn't everyone just adore miniature fabulousness???

Things That Sparkle said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. And you are so right, love that little pink jacket!

Bud and Leo said...

You look great!!! And love that pink blazer for sure - the tailoring on the entire collection is beautiful! xo Lisa

Amanda Hill said... are so sweet to send a shout out! We just got our house this weekend and are itching to get started :) I will keep you posted!

Erica Jackson Curran said...

I'm so sad I missed the Armani show! Couldn't escape the office. Looks like fun!

And that dollhouse is bringing back some incredible memories of my childhood. Wow.

Gray Benko said...

Wow, are you kidding me with those doll houses!! They need to go into business and sell those things! I will be their first costumer.

marysia reeves said...

u look adors Chassity! nice to see some familiar ladies on the blog! I'm scared about my many great ones already! xoxo-marysia