March 5, 2012

A Tour, A Birthday Tribute, & A Guest Post

My friends Marysia and Jane are hitting the road together for a road trip!

These girls are so talented and both of their lines, Marysia Swim and Jane Pope Collection & Balboa, are on FIRE right now.  If you're in any of these southern cities you must must plan to attend a show. The tour kicks off on March 11th and I'm looking forward to seeing them both here in Charleston on the 16th!  And how cute is their tour graphic? Who made that for you, ladies? 

You can get more details about each show here!


An incredible woman is turning 70 tomorrow. 

{Quote from the book "She"}

Happy Birthday, Granny! You're the most inspiring role model that I could ever have the honor of knowing. I'll never achieve your example of grace and beauty but I promise to always try. Love you!


Lastly, today I'm visiting my friend Megan's blog, Bellisimo Style, sharing a little kitchen inspiration for my new house :) Go see! Megan's a doll!

{Stephen Gambrel's Hampton's kitchen via Martha Stewart}


liza said...

Happy Birthday to your Granny!

Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

GIRL, how do I get in to see them when they're in Richmond?

Kim Aull said...

LOVE the tribute, she is for sure an amazing woman. Sweet, caring, and doesn't know a stranger! and let's just add...the woman doesn't look 70 or anything close to it!

Bud and Leo said...

ooooohhhh I'm going to try to go to their show in DC this weekend! :) And Happy bday to your granny :) xo

marysia reeves said...

Thanks for sharing about our tour Chassity! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!! Can't wait to see you and talk about that kitchen:) ps. don't forget BUMBY:)

blue chickadee said...

Can't wait for these girls to hit Charleston!!!!

FourJedis said...

Love the fashion artisans you shared. They have some great stuff. That kitchen is to die for! And Happy B-day to your Gran! It's great she's been around so long to see so much wonderful stuff!