May 15, 2012

Southern Charm Party + Q&A

Tinsley Mortimer visited Charleston last week to kick off the book tour for her first novel, Southern Charm. Hampden Clothing & Leapfrog PR hosted a book signing party that I knew I wouldn't want to miss. And I was right, it was fabulous.

I read Southern Charm while I was traveling a couple of weekends ago and finished it in 24 hours. What can I say, I have a thing for girly novels. And this book hit all of my favorites - love, fashion, drama, southern based (Charleston, SC to be exact!)... And seeing as how it was written by an NYC Socialite the story was all the much more interesting.

So I thought it would be fun to get to know a little more about the girl behind the glitz and glamour. And happily, Tinsley was game for a little Q&A...


Look Linger Love: What made you choose Charleston, SC as a setting for Southern Charm?
Tinsley: I have to be totally honest, I have never been to Charleston! But I've always thought of it as an iconic "Southern" city--there's so much history and beauty. It seems cosmopolitan without being intimidating, which is similar to my hometown of Richmond. I wanted a place that was similar to where I grew up.

LLL: When it comes to southern style, what are your favorite looks?
Tinsley: Always color to start (I can't remember the last time I wore black), and I gravitate toward feminine looks--skirts, dresses, ruffles, bows--which I think is very "southern." But I've lived in NYC for years, so I also like to add a bit of edge to an outfit, like some fringe or studs. Overall, the look is always "girly" though. I love my partner on this tour, HPNOTIQ Harmonie, because it is a lavender-colored liquor. We’ve done a lot with this color, I’ve had a lot of fun picking different dresses in shades of lilac and lavender and wore a custom made wide-brimmed  lavender hat to the derby inspired by Harmonie.

LLL: And are there any southern styles that you're not digging so much?
Tinsley: Southern women tend to be very "preppy," and even though I went to boarding school in the Northeast and there's certainly a preppy contingent in New York, I've never been a huge fan of the polo shirt and khakis look...for one, it's not that feminine and I just think there are so many ways to have fun with fashion and express yourself without looking like everyone else. That's how I first got noticed, after all!

LLL: When you visit Charleston which shops are you looking forward to visiting?
Tinsley: I'm looking forward to visiting King Street. I've heard great things about Hampden Clothing and also Bob Ellis shoes. I would love some suggestions!

LLL: We're going out for a girl's night in NYC. Where do you want to go?
Tinsley: Beauty + Essex is a fun restaurant on the Lower East Side that is fairly new. There's a "pawn shop" in the front where you can buy fun jewelry. In the back is the bar and restaurant which has big tables that are perfect for a fun group of girls. Le Bain in the Standard Hotel is a great place to go dancing! I also love Avenue and PHD at the Dream Hotel.

LLL: What is your greatest extravagance?
Tinsley: Like most New York City women, I love expensive shoes.

LLL: You're such a style maven. Do you have a style muse?
Tinsley: I really look to classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly for inspiration.

LLL: What would you have been found doing on a Friday night in high school?
Tinsley: Nothing super exciting, probably hanging out with my friends or boyfriend. I went to a boarding school that was pretty strict!

LLL: Do you have any exciting summer plans (other than your book tour)?
Tinsley: I'd love to spend some time in the Hamptons (actually, I'm doing a party there for the book in June!) and maybe get over to the South of France. That said, I don't have anything set in stone yet, I've been so busy with work!


{Tinsley signing for my gorgeous friend, Way Way.}

Tinsley's such a sweetie! And she can now add "badass author" to her list of accomplishments because I absolutely adored the book. If you're looking for a great summer read, pick up Southern Charm. Thanks for visiting us here in Charleston, Tinsley. It was great having you.


Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

What a fun interview! And absolutely love her pink lace dress!

Kim @ keller-creative said...

What a great interview! I definetly need to pick up that book.

Baby Mama Juice said...
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Sadie + Stella said...

No joke! Her house is nutso!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

So fun! I'll have to read her book now. That closet and vanity of hers looks amazing.

Morgan said...

Great interview! I think you've found a new career. :)

Becca | Lowlife Couture said...

I cant wait to read it, I was just looking for a new summer read!

Flair byBrandi said...

I'm gonna have to read this. Great interview. I'm a Charleston girl : )

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Yay I new book to read! How fun that you were able to meet her! Charleston is my favorite place in the world!

Bethany @ Powell Brower Home said...

aw super cute - I love this interview! and i die over her monogrammed pillows! great post!

AboveUrban said...

This is going on the summer reading list, which I'll probably get to this fall :)

And now I am craving cupcakes at 10am!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Great interview. Sad I missed the party but heard it was fun! I just started the book too!

Anonymous said...

I really love Tinsley...she is so cute and very entertaining. Having said that, she wrote a book about Charleston without ever going there? Great interview!! xxo

Lindsey Suggs said...

Great q & a!!! Looks like she had a great turnout too. So fun!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Some people have all the fun...interviewing authors and attending launch parties is so fabulous, Chassity! (c: And she is absolutely is her closet (c:

Nikki said...

AAH! I'm so jealous!! I just love Tinsley!! I've been obsessed for years!! I wish she was coming to Memphis for her book tour, but no. Great interview! Can't wait to get the book!

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

This looks like it was an amazing event! Such gorgeous photos. I will def have to check out her new book. :)



Bud and Leo said...

It looks like such a great event. She is gorgeous!! Kelli

Kathryn @ The Reynolds Wrap-Up said...

I just finished reading and loved it! She did a great job of depicting a smart, sassy and southern character! Bravo!