May 16, 2013


So I have a thing about white dresses. I'm what I like to call a soft bodied woman (aka not so toned), so I have trouble with a lot of clothes that have thin fabric or are really sheer. And often times I struggle with finding the perfect little white dress. It needs to be sturdy or flowy. I think I've found her, thanks to a little ol amazing brand named Joie.

Isn't it a pure delight? And those bond girl sandals need to be in my closet. I mean. Gah. But since this post is supposed to be all about the little white dress... oh look I found 5 more.

And dare I say my favorite dressy LWD? The Shoshanna peplum.

Which is your favorite? 

Quick note on the alc dress- I have two of their dresses in this same boxy shape. They're pretty much my go to's. Great brand, y'all.


Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Little white dresses are my favorite too, but so damn hard to find a perfect one!

Christine DiCorcia said...

Love, love, love the CM number! Your selection of accessories is fantastic!

Staci (LeatherandLeops) said...

love the peplum white dress , gorge!


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

You and your soft body! ;) I've been having this problem but with white jeans, can't find the right one! Loving all these picks, especially the CM one and that boxy type one (alc)

Amanda said...

Love these choices! The tank dress is perfect!

Sarah at LOVE, sje said...

I LOVE everything about the first outfit!

Anne [A Squared] said...

Ha! Soft body-- I hear you! And I feel your pain.