May 7, 2013

Your Invitation To The Coolest Campsite in NYC

Camping in NYC? Now, that would be quite the sideshow. What I'm referring to is Sideshow Press' upcoming debut at the National Stationery Show May 19-22 in NYC. It's going to be the letterpress booth of all letterpress booths. I can say this sort of thing to you because you appreciate the beauty of print. I seem to know you all so well, don't I?

That up there is the invitation that Sideshow Press created for the show. I can't even get over the little letterpress wooden treasure map included to help find your way to booth #1852 (but oh hey Amy and Courtney, you forgot to mark Barney's on there!).

I was in the girl scouts growing up, so the fact that this Sideshow Press collection is inspired by the starry night sky and adventures in wind and water makes my heart feel full. 50 beautifully designed everyday pieces that will evoke memories of "go play outside" days gone by. They were fond days, really. But do remind me to tell you sometime about the metal swing set we had that sat on an electrical wire...

If you're heading to the big show, plan to stop by and see the Sideshow Press girls at Booth #1852! I've seen a few of the pieces in person and they venture way beyond paper goods, y'all. Think vintage-familiar and mod-fresh. It's flat out adorable.

Now, who's up for a Troop Beverly Hills showing?

Model image by Sully Sullivan.


Laura Dro Designs said...

Very cute stuff, I love the concept behind it all. Good Luck at the Show Slide Show Press, it's super exciting to be there-I'm sure they will do really well!



High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah I knew I liked you for a reason. Love, love, love Troop Beverly Hills.I wanted to be Phyllis Neffler when I grew up when I was younger. I think I'm going to the show since it's so close to me. I will stop by their booth!


Good Life Blog said...

I still love Troop Beverly Hills! Thanks for the hilarious reminder.

Duesapps said...

i would to visit Troop Beverly Hills...:)


Duesapps said...

i would to visit Troop Beverly Hills...:)