July 10, 2013

I'm On Keep

I'm a Keeper! Are you? Wondering what it is? It's the new visual marketplace for happy & productive shopping. It's pretty much just like Pinterest, except you "keep" things instead of "pin" them. And the best part - it's based totally on shopping. Yep.

I've been busy creating boutiques based around my favorite things like fashion, furniture, art...

Keep is soooo good for me b/c as much as I would like to blog about everything that I love, I can't. Keep allows me to organize all my favorites in one easy spot just by clicking "keep it" in my toolbar (the process is just like pinterest). So you can follow along and see what I'm loving, too

I hope you will come join! The Keep curators are top notch and find the most unique and awesome things (that you can actually easily buy). Come find me on Keep HERE.

This post brought to you by Keep. All opinions (and my obsession for Keep) are my own.


Audra Jahn said...

Hey Chass! What a good way to organize gift ideas! I'm going to have to check it out so I don't have to remember all the different sites for my Christmas gifts.

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

I have never heard of Keep, but I already like the name better than "Pinterest". I'll have to check it out!!



Jennifer Boyd said...

Looks like fun!


Holly Phillips @ The English Room said...

Woohoo! Welcome to KEEP fellow KEEPER!

So glad you like it as much as I do.


Rachel Medlock said...

How have I not heard of this?! Thanks for the introduction