September 8, 2010

Your Kid's Closet

I couldn't leave out the kiddos on the fall fashion fun.  We all know that Zara carries a great array of adult attire.   But did you know that Zara also has an amazing line for children?  I practically booked my upcoming NYC trip just so that I could visit the store and scoop up some goodies for Lilly (they do not yet sell online in the US, or over the phone- yes I've tried!).   Here are some images from their September '10 Lookbook.  Baby and Mini pics coming soon.

via Zara

And what good would a clothing post for kids be if we didn't throw in the perfection that is J.Crew Crewcuts?!
via J.Crew

Pretty hip 'eh? Where were these stores when we were growing up?
Now run and put as many layers as possible on your kids :)  Let me know how long they keep them on!

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Gray Benko said...

Hmm, I think I will be sending you up to NY with a "Farris budget"! Why don't we have a Zara in Charleston!? Humph.