January 10, 2012

It's Sale Time At Sugar Snap Pea

It's sale time at Sugar Snap Pea :)  Good in store (on King St.) and online -- lots of super yummy stuff there. Plus the sale section is loaded with incredible deals...
  {Just a few of my favorites}

And in case you weren't aware, it's baby shower season... Do ya'll have as many pregnant girlfriends right now as I do??  Well SSP's gift wrapping is absolutely delish and complimentary (even for online orders!).   Here's some of my shower gift picks.

I could easily keep picking stuff.  So if you are a mom or know a soon to be mom (um isn't that everyone?), go pay my incredible sponsor a visit - pinky swear they rock!  Thanks Sugar Snap Pea!


(Eileen) a creative day said...

Anna and I are hosting a baby shower for one of our friends, so I'm really excited about this sale! Thanks for sharing!! Such precious precious stuff :-)


sampenner said...

Def wishing I had a little one to spoil! Such cute things!



Leslie said...

If I had a little one, I'd definitely be excited. :) I hope you get some good things!

Anonymous said...

Adorable kids clothes and kids stuff. :)