April 4, 2013

Eclectic Dining - Get The Look

** This post is for you, Janna **

There are many reasons why this dining room featured in House Beautiful captures me. Obviously the space itself is gorgeous. I mean, those window arches.

But I'm also drawn to the eclectic mix of pieces. And dare I say that my obsession for benches at dining tables isn't going anywhere, it creates such an inviting and casual look. And it's an especially fun juxtaposition in this fancy environment. 

So here's my take on how to get this look with a more "every day" feel. 

Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Drapes - Just $40 & lots of colors
Verdeante Chandelier - ignore the price.
Vases - Grab a bunch in the same color family.
Throws to keep handy, these are my fave and only $30
Jute Rug (isn't this amazing?)

Lastly, what do you think of the idea of displaying a collection on a rarely used dining table (points at self)? I think it's brilliant. Off to brainstorm.


lizziefitz said...

Does anying beat a white , light filled room with a blue & white collection??? Gorgeous!!

Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

Big fan of your version. Big.

Jordin- I Love That! said...

i love the collection! My mom keeps trying to give me her old but cool looking dining room table. I just can't imagine what kind of chairs I want to put with it to keep it casual.

Jennifer Boyd said...

Love all of the blue and white on the table.

stephanie said...

Those windows are to die for!

mikky said...

I like the chandelier you chose. The windows in the photo are beautiful.