May 20, 2013

How Was Your Weekend

My blog header is all wonky today (thanks to Jane for the heads up). Not sure what to do about it. Ideas?

And moving on... So, did you have a good weekend? The weather here in Charleston was totally awesome, and it made for a great one. From Friday to Sunday night I celebrated my friend Danielle's wedding. We had so much fun but maaaan I can't hang like I used to. I blame it on turing 31.

I know, that photo (thanks to Gray for snapping) is way too cheesy to start your Monday. Sorry about that. But really it was great. I started it Friday morning with a meeting about an important cause that I'll tell you more about later. Then, I headed to King St for a few quick errands. One of which happened to be J.Crew. Have you all taken advantage of their 20% off all women's apparel sale yet? Just use "LOOK20" through Tuesday night. I couldn't resist picking up a few things. One of which not being this dress.

Not you say? Well it wasn't the right size. So I was thinking I'd just order it. I can't find this print online, but I do love both the coral and the turquoise colors. What do you think? Also, those shoes I have on happen to be J.Crew too, they're the pilar sandals. I love them so much and wear them all the time. I really like the neon coral color.

So then I swung by Aldo. Um, hello lovely summer wedges.

I always forget about Aldo. Such a shame. These are super fun too.

Who happened to see this white oversized Clare Vivier clutch on Shopbop Friday? If you didn't don't feel bad, it sold out in lightening speed (like by the end of the day). But I found it on the Clare Vivier site right here. It's pretty much the perfect summer clutch, y'all.

Freaking love it so much. Snake skin print goodness.

Alright, who knows how to fix my header??


Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

I think its fixed lady. Love your cheesy picture

Paula Jean | Sea Island Drive said...

Your header looks good to me!

Laura Dro Designs said...

I like that green on you:)

Looks like a fun weekend!


Delta Daisies said...

LOVE that green dress!

Jennifer Boyd said...

Love that green print dress from J. Crew.

Ivy + Molly said...

Our weather has been fantastic here in Charleston!!! I love it. Although, it's a bit more humid then I would like today :)


caycee said...

That picture of you and Josh is the cutest!! Plus I love that blue dress you are wearing ;)

Kelli Murray said...
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Kelli Murray said...

Ohhh it's all about the clutch!! Love love.

xo Kelli

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I kind of love your pic of you and Josh...just the perfect amount of cheese to make it adorable (c; And hellooooo lover on those aldo sandals...I think I would probably be able to fit fat pregnant feet in those, right? (c:

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Yeah for wedding fun and I totally can't hang anymore either! Love the white clutch, like want to buy it love it!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

The header is looking fine! Adorable couple, love the blue on you ;)

Lily said...

I can't believe those are from Aldo! What? So cute...did you get them? Are they comfy?

XO Lily

jmcr foundation said...

I m in love with your summer clutch.:)
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