May 17, 2013

Kate Spade Party

Somehow the week got away from me and I'm just getting around to sharing a few of the pictures I snapped before the Kate Spade New York + LLL event last weekend. We had an awesome time - thanks to all of you who came out!! I hope your mommas loved their prezzies.

I wore the Katie dress (my new favorite black dress!), pink Jacey heels, and the Pueblo Tiles necklace! And I love Jenna's blue Gingham wrap dress.

Pretty wallets all in a row. I never get the urge to swap out my wallet until I walk into the Kate Spade store...

Loved this red embroidered shift dress and there's those Jacey heels again (i really love them).

More pretty clothes up there, like that daisy franny coat (aka granny chic).

And I eyed that nude wrap watch the entire event. Love the hot pink edging!!

Another good time had by all while shopping yet another killer Kate Spade New York collection. Thanks to all who came out and supported!


Sadie + Stella said...

Girl you know I cannot resist a Kate Spade anything. Laaawwwwdddd.

Laura Dro Designs said...

Nothing better than a party in a Kate Spade store. I a sucker for accessories and would of snatched that watch up! Cute pics :)

Have a great Friday!


Delta Daisies said...

You look adorable!!!

Jennifer Boyd said...

Love Kate Spade and her stores are always so cute.

Morgan S. said...

Love the pink Jacey heels. www.styleoyster.blogspot.vom

jmcr foundation said...

M so obsessed by the red embroided dress.:)
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