June 27, 2013

Designer Doing It Right: JOIE

There are very few brands that are so well curated and designed that I feel like I could wear their brand and their brand only all season long and be happy. (Random but am I the only one who has these weird thoughts? Like, if I had to pick just one store, what would it be...) J.Crew and Madewell come to mind as high contenders for winning this award. But just wait. I've been dying all over JOIE's collection the past couple of months as new arrivals would spill onto Shopbop and various other favorite sites. But what I didn't realize is just how complete of a collection JOIE itself is. Dresses, blouses, tees, pants, shorts, flats and heels, even the perfect bag. It's just so wearable and perfect. I probably pulled about 25 different pieces for the post, it was so hard narrowing it down`.

I have some JOIE pants and they're super comfy. And I've been stalking the Fori Maxi for quite some time now (haven't ordered it b/c it's pretty similar to another dress that I have). But I think I'm most drawn to the dresses and blouse collection. Much like how Equipment has their widely adored button down top on lock down, JOIE has the silk blouse nailed. I tend to gravitate toward feminine pieces and JOIE most certainly offers that.


Nikki said...

Oh how I love everything Joie, especially recently! Everything looks so fresh, but still classic enough that you could wear it for years and not look dated. I've been eyeing that striped tank dress for a while now!


Dominique DeLaney said...

I totally agree...I don't have that many Joie pieces in my closet but the line is almost spot on!! I adore that poppy tank and those chambray shorts!!

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Wholeheartedly agree. Everything Joie releases is simply magical. And their stores... paradise!

Lindsey Suggs said...

YES! I'm a Joie-lover as well! I remember their stuff being amazing about ten years ago and it's only been recently that I've started taking note again. Glad to have them back in my life!