December 20, 2011

Your Ultimate Guide To Hostess Gifts

'Tis a fun Tuesday because I have my gal pal Alesya visiting and chatting about hostess gifts.  Why did I invite Alesya to chat about hostess gifts?  Because I've dubbed her as THE BEST GIFT GIVER.  Seriously.  In the past 2 months I've received two REALLY thoughtful gifts from this sweetheart, and both made me hold my head in shame at my own lame attempts of gift giving (in a good and "I feel inspired" kind of way).  So read what she has to say because she's sharing a lot of good ideas.  Guarantee you'll leave here today brainstorming.


Hello LLL fans! I'm a big fan myself and honored that Chassity asked me to do a guest post.
Like me, I'm sure many of you are traveling this week or are attending a holiday gathering. The last thing on your list is the need for a little something to bring the hosts. Before you crack out yet another bottle of meaningless wine I have some suggestions.

The secret to any gift giving is to personalize. Here are a few places to get ideas:

1. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: People post things they like! If you were getting a gift for Chassity, you could head on over to her Pinterest page and see she loves this nail polish. Perfect.

2. Favorite Places: Does your mother-in-law love her trips to Florida? Bring her a beautiful SPF. Maybe your brother hangs out at the local watering hole. Give him your favorite craft beer. Or perhaps like our family your hosts root for one team like The Ohio State University. Then you can't forget the Buckeyes.

3. Event Help: Any hostess can use assistance as the clock counts down. If you're traveling, it's doubtful that you can bring a dish to pass, so use this trick from my Mom. Ask if you can bring the centerpiece. Then call the local florist and have it delivered before you arrive. If your family aren't centerpiece kind of people a nice large white poinsettia will also add festive touch.

4. Play Time: You can't go wrong by bringing something extra for the kids. As a parent, something small to keep them occupied but won't be messy will win me over too. My daughter is getting this sticker book to keep her busy on the plane.

5. Something Consumable: If you're at still at a loss about what to get, you can't go wrong with a gift that can be used up (aka doesn't have to kept for all eternity) and local. I love the sample pack from Charleston chocolate company Sweetteeth. My husband sends fresh local fish to his father. Anyone would adore some stationary from Sideshow Press.

Easy travels to you and your family this week. If you forget to bring a hostess gift, don't worry. I'm sure your safe arrival is gift enough!


Told you she's good.  And lucky for us gift giving is not the only thing that Alesya is good at.  She's also the girl behind Alesya Bags, the super cute yet functional laptop bag.

Photography by the amazing Charlotte Elizabeth Photo

Just in case you still need an idea for Christmas...

Thanks for visiting, Alesya!


sampenner said...

I love her approach to gift giving- I don't know why I don't look at people's pinterest boards and facebook pages for more ideas on what they love! What a great idea. Thanks for the great post, Chassity.



Kim @ keller-creative said...

Great tips! I wish my hubby would look at my pinterest board this holiday season :)

Bethany said...

LOVe these ideas! We have a DFH brewery nearby and I never thought to run by and pick some up instead of a bottle of wine. GREAT thought.


Leslie said...

These are great ideas! I'm going to the in-laws for Christmas, so these thoughts gave me some much needed inspiration. :)

Morgan said...

YUM! Love buckeyes...without all the Ohio State swag around it. ;)

Simply LKJ said...

Fabulous ideas! Always looking for last minute gifts for that extra special someone!!

Punctuation Mark said...

great advise... we all need some these hectic days!

BresBaubles said...

Great gift ideas!


charlotte said...

alesya is absolutely the best gift giver ever!!! thanks for this post, chassity! lovely!

Bud and Leo said...

Great ideas! And LOVE the bag!! Kelli

Amanda Hill said...

Really great post! I love the way she thinks!

She's.No.Martha said...

I love the idea of sleuthing on pinterest and Facebook!! However, as a Buckeye, you have to give homemade buckeyes; store bought versions are gross and don't do them justice!!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Great tips! I recently had a customer who purchased some gifts for her daughters because she saw them pinned on their Pinterest wishlist board, how awesome is that?