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February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Here's your chance, Ladies... ;)

{Sadie Hawkins Ring by Erica Weiner}

What Should Go In The New Casa

But won't because we need things like drywall and doorknobs and stuff like that.  Damn.

this  +  that
New works by Kate Long Stevenson.

February 28, 2012

Tie It Up

Emma Stone isn't the only one who can rock a big bow.

Just sayin'... tying my scarves up in huge bows is my latest obsession.

PS. I love Emma Stone.

February 27, 2012

Designer To Watch: Jennifer Chun

I'm keeping my eye on Jennifer Chun after seeing her Spring 2012 collection.
I had not yet heard of her line when I received a nice note from Jennifer herself announcing that she has been picked up by Pearl, one of my favorite local shops here in Charleston.  She asked me to pop in there and take a look.  I, of course, was happy to oblige and let me tell you it did not disappoint. The quality is gorgeous.  I only wish Pearl had picked up more of her collection for me to see.
Seriousy cool, right?  You can check out the rest of Jennifer Chun's collection here. Or, if you're in Charleston, take a peek next time you drive by Pearl on Coleman.  Awesome line, Jennifer!


I usually don't post about the Oscars because it's generally all you see the following day.  But oh my gosh...

She is exquisite!

And Octavia's dress is gorgeous and fits her perfectly.  But can I have the crazy woman in the background's pants?

images via.

February 24, 2012

My View From

Our new home.  

Yep, call me crazy but we just closed on a new home yesterday.  Actually it's not "new". It's an older (and much loved) home on one of my favorite streets in my most favorite neighborhood.  I'm giddy happy ya'll.  We have DREAMED of raising our babies in this neighborhood for so long.

We started the renovation today.  Our architect has dreamed up a beauty of a space for us and I'm so excited to get this project rolling.  Naturally I've been "pinning" inspiring home images like a mad woman. So if you're on Pinterest, which of course you are, follow me.  And expect a lot more interiors related posts :)

Here's to making dreams happen.  Happy Weekend!!

February 23, 2012

Perfect Little Summer Sandal

Hello gold detail, I love you. But really, how great are these Dolce Vita flats?

The Rope Necklace

I need some of this in my life.

Tanya Aguiniga (pinkish purple) + Jim Drain

February 22, 2012

Cool Duds

There is such charm and love in handmade children's clothing.  And B Children's Wear brings that charm in the most playful way.  I love that Lindsey names many of her designs and even tells a story in each item's description.  Would for sure make wearing the items that much more imaginative for children.

But seriously though, how great is that elbow patch cardigan? Unfortunately it's not available in Fletcher's size.  If only I could sew...

February 21, 2012

Style Swap: More Info

Hoping to see some of my Charleston girls at Style Swap this Thursday night.  It should be a really good time with a lot of good stuff there.  To attend just buy your tickets here (or you can buy at the door for a little extra) and bring two items you want to "swap" (clothing items or accessories like jewelry, scarves...).  I've gotten a lot of questions about these items, and no they don't have to be high designer! They could be from the Gap! Just as long as it's something that you genuinely like and is in good condition!  I know I'm bringing these J.Crew wedges that I've only worn once.  They just don't fit my foot all that well.  But adorable they are.

Looking forward to seeing some of you!

Clare Elsaesser


February 20, 2012

Noteworthy Upcoming Collections

There are some upcoming collections that I'm keeping my eyes on...

Marni for H&M
{Hits stores and online March 8th}

{Images via Huffington Post}

ASOS SS12 Salon Collection
{Available March-ish}

DVF for Gap
{Hits store and online March 15th}

Looks like March will be a good one!

A Word From My Sponsors

A Sponsor Update:

I'm doing my sponsor posts a little differently these days.  I adore each and every one of them and want them to get the love that they deserve, but LLL was beginning to turn into a bit of a billboard.... I know you noticed. So I've chatted with them all (and they all completely support me and agree this is best- see amazing sponsors!) and decided that from now on I'll share a monthly post that has updates from each of them.  Brand new advertisers will still get their own intro post.  There will still be some giveaways too.  I hope you all like this change as well!  It'll help keep things a little more organized around here.

So without further adieu, here's February's Sponsors:


Elizabeth has added iPad cases to her shop!  We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival and they're as adorable as her iPhone cases.  

Don't forget Pretty Smitten has a whole collection of party supplies too!


Spring will soon be upon us (ahem baby showers and the need for your kids' wardrobes to be refreshed). Pixie Lily's new spring line and layette are super adorable and make great gifts.  Leda always packages it up so sweetly too.  Definitely a favorite around here.


KOKOON is releasing some amazing spring pieces that, in my opinion, make up their best collection yet.  But judge for yourself.

Can you say "GORGEOUS"?!  And I especially have my eyes on those two middle dresses shown below in a sneak peek KOKOON shared on their Facebook page.  This was taken at KOKOON's Season Kickoff Party last month.


Just a few of the current pretty offerings at Stella & Dot...

And how gorgeous is Reese in her Serenity Stone Earrings?



Pretty Mommy has some gorgeous new arrivals including Tucker & Virginia Johnson...

And oh look... she also got some of, LLL's favorite, Heidi Merrick's spring collection.


Spring is a perfect time to get some updated pictures of your little ones.  And Gray Benko pretty much rocks the hell out of this.  This is her thing people.  Call her.


Bellisima Baby Bags has some great new things in store too.

Serious cuteness.  Those traveling trunks for kids are genius. And don't forget, if you're in the market for a new diaper bag be sure to check out Bellisima!