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November 30, 2011

Pretty Smitten Holiday Sale!

We all love 'em, and just in time for holiday gifting you can find ALL Pretty Smitten shop items at 10% off!

The catch?  This promo is good only through December 2nd, which also just so happens to be the date you need to have your orders in by to guarantee Christmas delivery.  With that said, ahem late holiday shoppers, PS electronic gift certificates (um, awesome giftable) will be available up until December 23rd. 

So ho ho go!  (Yeah, these pain meds have me loopy, I know that ho ho go was all sorts of bad.)

Oh, and I guess you need that 10% promo code, don't you?  Just type in "Holiday10" at check out.  Good through December 2nd at midnight. 

November 29, 2011

Fletcher Graham

Our sweet, sweet baby boy is here!

Fletcher Graham (Fletcher is Josh's middle name) was born on Saturday morning after an emergency C-Section.  I had not been feeling well since Wednesday night.  We spent all of Thanksgiving day and night in the hospital under the impression that I had a stomach bug and was severly dehydrated.  After coming home mid morning on Friday and attempting to deal with the pain, the pain just became unmanageable and so we went back to the hospital Friday night.  After lots of tests it was determined that I had HELLP syndrome.  Blech.  Not fun at all, let's just get that out there.  Has anyone else had this?  God love ya.  Well when you have HELLP the only "cure" is to deliver the baby, so deliver the sweet boy just 1 day shy of 35 weeks we did.  I was not so happy about having a C-Section after having the smoothest delivery ever possible with Lilly, but if there's one thing I've learned these past few days it's that you just can't always get what you want. 

Happily, Fletcher is doing pretty well overall.  He's just a little guy, weighed in at 4 lbs 13 oz, and isn't so interested in eating quite yet, but really overall he's doing great for meeting us so early.  I KNOW that the many, many prayers that have been sent to our family have a lot to do with this.  I ask that if you have any extra prayers hanging around, please, pretty please send them to Fletcher.  He probably has about 2 more weeks or so here in the hospital before we can bring him home.

I'm still healing here at the hospital too.  I've had 3 blood transfusions so far and am getting two more this morning.  I've been stuck with more needles than any other time in my life, and am really happy to be off the liquid diet as of yesterday.  I've been laying low and haven't had much energy for guests or coorespondence with friends and family (thanks to Josh for handling most of that)/ blogging etc,  but am hoping I'm turning the corner and can feel more like myself soon.  I did have a surprise visit from my Dad Saturday which was so wonderful.  He flew down for a night so that he could meet his first grandson (yay I won that one, ha!) and check in on me of course.

So there's my big update - sorry it's been quiet over here on the blog.  But I know you all are the best of the best of readers & friends and completely understand.  Much love.  

Oh and guess what, while the past few days have been so hard and trying, I still truly
consider myself blessed and lucky like I mentioned on Thanksgiving day :)

November 28, 2011

Jewelry Winners!

Let's start off Monday with some winners!  I know I told you I would have this announcement post up this weekend but things have been taaaaaad crazy around here (more on that later today).  I hope ya'll didn't mind the wait.

So remember that our most favorite Stella & Dot gal offered a sweet $50 gift certificate to one lucky LLL reader + another $50 gift certificate to send to a friend of their choosing?  Well, Suburban Prep - you and your friend are the happy winners!  Congratulations!!

For the rest of you, don't miss Stella & Dot's Cyber Monday - lots of new sale pieces have been added!

November 24, 2011


I subscribe to this 100%.  I am a much blessed and happy woman.
And I am oh so thankful for everything that comes my way. 

I'll be taking it REALLY easy and letting family take care of me and this baby boy this year.
Earlier this week I was put on bedrest, everything is okay, but the Dr wants to make sure
that he stays in a little while longer.  I want to make sure of that too.

I hope you all (US readers) enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm so thankful for
you all and your support, friendship, and messages!  Heart your faces times a million. 

PS - Come back tomorrow for LLL's best of the best Black Friday Sale round-up!


November 23, 2011

Gift Guide - Little Girls

Custom Heirloom Art: Turn her drawing into an embroidered linen wall loop keepsake!
Geometric Blocks: Neon gorgeous perfect for playing & displaying.
Fashion Coloring Book: Encourage creativity with these sophisticated illustrations.
Glitter Lucite Tray: Perfect for her tea parties and on top of her dresser.
Ribbon & Pearl Necklace: Lilly has this and loves wearing it!
Sparkly Headband: Lilly has this too and it's so adorable.
Jelly Cat Doll: For cuddling of course.
Star Canvas Backpack: Seriously too cool for school or the playground.

November 22, 2011

Sarah & Bendrix

You all know that I have a love for Etsy.  I find all sorts of things on that site, including nursery decor.  You may have peeked a really cute print in my nursery moodboard I shared a week or so ago.  Well today I want to introduce you to the rest of the shop that it came from, Sarah & Bendrix.

I originally discovered Sara & Bendrix' shop from my gal pal Gaby, and was completely smitten.  I knew that the You Are Simply Wonderful poster would be perfect in the boy's nursery.  All of the posters are limited edition.  And the Simply Wonderful print was created in collaboration with painter Audrey Walas.   I was blown away when it arrived- great quality print, litho printed with deep crisp colors. 

I simply adore so much of their shop.  Take a look.

Simple, romantic, and sentimental.  Go check them out! 

Stella & Dot Giveaway For You + A Friend!

If this isn't one of the sweetest and so appropriately timed giveaways....

Our favorite Stella & Dot gal is back with a holiday giving inspired giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to use in Annette's Stella & Dot shop AS WELL AS another $50 gift credit to send to a friend as a little surprise gift!

Doesn't that just give you the warm and fuzzies?? 

And in case you're wondering, there are lots of pretty Stella & Dot goodies to be had for $50 or less.  Here's a little gift board to get you started.
There's even a whole section on Stella & Dot devoted to pieces under $50, so go check it out and get some holiday shopping done.  And I just have to say a HUGE thank you to Annette for surprising me with my favorite S&D necklace last week.  I have been wearing it everywhere and getting so many compliments!  I love how it's adjustable in length!
Isn't she the best?

Now, here's how you enter the giveaway:
{Please leave a comment for each entry}

1) Show some S&D love and tell us what you'd buy
2) Tell us who you'd send the extra $50 to

This giveaway will end Friday night and we'll announce the winner this weekend.  Good luck!

November 21, 2011

Sally King Benedict Small Works Sale - Now Live!

Welcome to Sally King Benedict's very first blog sale!

{Via Garden & Gun, photography by Ben Williams}

Sally Benedict's vibrant and sophisticated abstracts and nudes have garnered attention from the likes of House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Garden & Gun, Charleston Magazine, Matchbook Magazine, and many others.  Here's just a glimpse of Sally's recent press.

Inspired by simple beauty and surprising color combinations, Sally is constantly working towards fresh ideas for new bodies of work, and I for one LOVE what I see with each piece she turns out!

{Titled "Hover"}

Today we all have the oppotunity to own our very own piece of Sally splendid. 
Below you'll find 31 framed, original, small works in a range of prices and sizes to suit your style.  Maybe a little holiday gift for yourself (you really do deserve it afterall!) or for someone special. 

Now is your chance to add to your art collection in the way you've been dreaming of expanding it.
I won't make you wait any longer... Here's what Sally has worked up for you!

Each piece's info (title, size, price, shipping price) is listed below the piece.  There are 12 unframed pieces along with 19 custom framed pieces (all framed by Sally herself). If not framed it is noted.

Available Pieces:

"Linen Nude 1" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 2" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 3" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+$15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 4" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 5" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 6" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 7" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 8" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 9" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Linen Nude 10" 8x10 linen panel, not framed, $125 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Face 1" 10x12, not framed, $130 (+ $15 shipping) SOLD

"Face 2" 10x12, not framed, $130 (+ 15 shipping) SOLD

"Abstract 1" 12x12, $215 (+ $20 shipping)

"Abstract 2" 12x12, $215 (+ $20 shipping)

"Abstract 3" 12x12, $215 (+20 shipping) SOLD

"Abstract 4" 12x12, $215 (+ $20)

"Abstract 5" 12x12, $215 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Abstract 6" 12x12, $215 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 1" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 2" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping)

"Nude 3" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 4" 11x14, $225 (+ 20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 5" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 6" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Nude 7" 11x14, $225 (+ $20 shipping) SOLD

"Large Nude 1" 22x16, $300 (+25 shipping)

"Large Nude 2" 22x16, $300 (+ $25 shipping) SOLD

"Large Nude 3" 22x16, $300 (+ $25 shipping) SOLD

"Large Nude 4" 22x16, $300 (+ 25 shipping) SOLD

"Large Nude 5" 22x16, $300 (+25 shipping) SOLD

"Large Nude 6" 22x16, $300 ($25 shipping) SOLD

And just so you get an idea of how these looked framed (all framed by Sally herself):

And the larger nudes framed...

Here's how you make your purchase:

Email me at with the exact name of the piece you would like to purchase.  First come first serve.  These are all originals so once a piece sells it's gone (but oh so lucky for the new owner!).  Payments by check only and should be made out directly to Sally King Benedict (I'll send you the mailing address when you email me).  Payments should be received no later than Monday, December 5th or Sally will re-list piece as available.  Your paintings will ship once payment has been received. 

A big, huge thank you to you all and happy, joyous shopping!!