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November 30, 2010

Some Brooks Brothers And Ben Sherman

I love that Josh wears bow ties.  I think they are super confident and sexy on a man.  I ran across this plaid one at Brooks Brothers and think it would be delightfully festive for a holiday cocktail party.

Have a more laid back affair?  The shawl neck sweater is a favorite of mine.  I'm especially loving Ben Sherman's button shawl style.

Daniella Shares Her Favorite Things

Many of you may have guessed who today's guest feature is after last night's hint.  Daniella, of Dress, Design & Decor, hardly even needs an introduction.  Her blog is an absolute daily must read for me and for so many others.  Her writing sets a mood of calm elegance and she always (always!) has the most lovely images.  I was dying to get a little peak into Daniella's life, and the collection of beauties and spaces she's sharing today fit her like a glove.  She is, indeed, classy and fabulous.

Hi everyone! Daniella here from Dress, Design & Decor and so happy to be sharing a few of my favourite things from home today. I have yet to decorate (decisions, decisions...) but I'm a huge fan of crisp, clean white so it's quite suiting for now!

1. I absolutely adore my bright bedroom with windows looking out onto the balcony. It's nice to wake up with light streaming in, in a warm, cozy bed. Especially now that Winter is settling in. The pendant lights that hang over my beside tables are also a favourite of mine... something different from table lamps!

2. Books and magazines are strewn all over my home! I love fashion and lifestyle books, along with interior design of course. My favourites being about all things french! "Book clutter" is definitely welcome in my home. One of these days I hope to have a library room where I can relax and read with a good cup of tea.

3. In the main living area I have floor-to-ceiling windows with a great view. It's really my favourite part of my home! In the Summer it's all bright green trees, beautiful colours in the Fall, and magical when it's snowing in the Winter!

4. Candles are a must have for every home. I received this Voluspa candle as a gift recently and absolutely love the smell and flickering light. There's something about candles that's just so calming, don't you think?

5. In the past fews years i've been collecting quite a few little vintage treasures. I love this siamese kitty ring holder of my Mother's... and I found this pretty, pink perfume bottle just last week. The atomizer still works too! I also collect old novels and silverware with mother-of-pearl handles. I think it's nice to treasure items with so much elegant detail.

Thank you so much to Daniella for opening up her beautiful home to us.  If Dress, Design & Decor is not already on your reading list, I'm sure it will be now.  Hmmm...  now if only I could get Daniella to share her favorite things in her closet!!  Wink, wink.

November 29, 2010

Some Rest And A Hint

I can't deny it anymore.  I'm sick.  And even worse, Lilly is too.  Drats.  But don't you worry- I have a very special guest blogger visiting in the morning to pick up my slack.  She'll be sharing her favorite things in her home, and they're dreamy.  So don't miss it.  And I'll give you a hint... she's a designer who blogs about decor and dress ;)

I don't have a source for the Devil Wears Prada quote image.  If you happen to know, please leave a comment for me :)

Holiday Decorating With A Twist

Why not shake up your holiday decorating a little this season?

via Toast

Living Etc. via Bright Bazaar

This is my favorite time of year, so I hope you will enjoy while I indulge in some holiday inspired posts.  I'm about halfway through my own decorating here at home.  When I finish I'll be sure to share a little "tour".  

Lovely Loungewear

I've had my eye on Plum Pretty Sugar's line of "loungerie" for quite a while now.  The collection is soft and romantic, and frankly, I'm lusting over it all.

Don't you just want to curl up in one of these kimonos with some tea by the fire?  Harmonic.  What a lovely gift for a sister or friend.

All images via Plum Pretty Sugar.

November 28, 2010

Hello Lovelies

Hello Lovelies!  I sure hope you pardoned the radio silence.  I didn't have my computer with me the last few days (so that I could spend quality time with my family) but I did enjoy reading all of your sweet messages you left me.  And while I didn't travel all the way to Paris, I sure do feel like I did.   I am exhausted!

Marie Claire Italia via Dress Design Decor

But, I'm back!  And boy does it feel good to be home.  I'm ready to hit the hay tonight, so let's meet back here in the morning!!  XOXO

November 26, 2010

Deals And Steals

Are you all out braving the shops?  I generally don't partake in the after Thanksgiving sales in stores, but will happily browse the internet for marked down finds.  I think I'd like to acheive this look.  So charming.

I also have a question for my Mommas.  We're considering a fake tree (gasp!) this year considering Lilly's curious nature.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  I have some scented pinecones and also some fresh tree trimmings in a vase which are helping to keep my home smelling festive.

November 24, 2010


I'm signing off for a few days to spend some time with my family over the holiday.  But I can't leave you all without giving every last one of you a big big big hug!!  I'm thankful for so many things in my life, including all of you.  I started up this blog less than 3 months ago and had no idea how much it would mean to me.  Your support, daily visits, comments, and emails brighten my day.   For that, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  I also have to give it up to my fellow bloggers who have supported my humble site and welcomed me into the community.  I'll forever be thankful for your link-overs, guest posts, and reading list additions.  

My plan for the next few days is to eat without abandon and catch up with some family that I don't see nearly as often as I would like.  I'll also have my 10 year high school reunion thrown in the mix, too. 

Enjoy the week my friends.  XO.

PS.  I'm participating in another one of Pretty Mommy's recipe exchanges.  This one focuses on yummy holiday inspired dishes.  Be sure to check out Torrie's turkey gumbo recipe and Michelle's cranberry bread.  Perfect for those thanksgiving leftovers.

November 23, 2010

Christine Shares Her Favorite Things

We've hit the jackpot today, my Loves.  The gorgeous Christine from everyone's new favorite design blog, Bijou and Boheme, is visiting to share her favorite things in her home.  She's only been blogging for a couple of months but has already taken the blogosphere by storm with her amazing finds and even more amazing style.  I soak up every little bit that Christine shares, and this post is no different.  By now you all know the routine: I asked Christine to share what she has looked at, lingered over, and loved enough to put in her own home.  Let's just say that she has delivered with drool-worthy beauty including art, furniture, and wallpaper!!  I'll let Christine take it from here...

Thank you so much for inviting me to share a few of my favourite things.
This is my first official guest post so I'm a little giddy and nervous.
Anyhow...thank you Chassity for asking me and I hope your readers like this little montage.
I capped the selection at 7 and found even that difficult...blogging has helped cement the notion that I could never be an editor.
I like 7 though- definitely my lucky number so here it goes.
Hope you enjoy xo
This is the first piece of furniture I truly had to have.
It was love at first sight and I couldn't be happier that it's mine.
 The settee was purchased from a seller in LA on Etsy and shipped to NY, where my husband went and picked it up.
I remember the moment it came into my house like I remember seeing Santa for the first time.
Pure bliss!
I am a big art lover. 
Each piece has meaning and sentiment.
The Nama Rococo wallpaper panels were again, something I saw and absolutely fell in love with...I really feel as though they set the tone for the whole room and I adore their Parisian funky style.
The pink number is a DIY.
The black and white drawing is a vintage newspaper ad from Holt Renfrew, circa 1980...turns out my husband was friends with the artist so voila, we now own a fabulous original fashion illustration.
The landscape oil painting was a gift to me from my great aunt and is by an artist named Thomas Garside.  I love the deep turquoise of the sky and the kelly green of the grass.  I also love that it reminds me of one of the most charismatic and strong woman I've ever known (coincidentally, the same lady who gifted me the spectacularly fabulous leopard coat that you may have seen in our hallway.)
The little painting is the first artwork we bought for my daughter's room before she was born.  There are actually two of them and they picture flying pigs- so whimsical and sweet...the fact that they are mostly pink doesn't hurt their case either.
 This is a vintage rosewood credenza from the 70's  I love how the touch of Scandinavian modern helps balance out some of the more feminine/ornate pieces we have in the room.
The wood is book matched so that when you slide the two doors towards the center, the grain actually matches up- it truly is stunning.
It also hides all of our electronics and every toy that manages to migrate up from the playroom.
The sideboard belonged to my late mother-in-law, who I admired more than I can say and it's a piece we'll treasure forever.
This vintage Knoll Platner chair is a fairly new addition to our home.
I had been looking for a modern sculptural piece for some time and when I saw this on Ebay, it was like the heavens opened up.
It was shipped on Greyhound and I love its architectural lines.
Owning a piece of design history feels wonderfully good.
 This gallery wall is something that I had always wanted to do.
We procrastinated for years though, thinking it would be like a root canal as far as instillation was concerned.
Happily, it was obviously meant to be and went up without a plan on a sunny Saturday afternoon...each picture seemed to quietly speak to the next one as to where it should be placed.
 I love how each time I carry a child up or down the stairs, they point to the pictures with Cheshire cat smiles and name all the people they see.
This wall of pictures makes our house feel like a home.
 The two Schonbek chandeliers were the first big purchase we made for the home.
Our wedding took place in a barn that I made over with crystal chandeliers that hung from ship rope over the tables.  I loved the juxtaposition of the hard and worn barn with the delicately ornate chandeliers.
When we purchased our home, this was the one thing I knew that I wanted.
We bought a large harvest table and hung the big chandelier over the table and the smaller one over the island.
They will always be one of my favourite things because they remind me of our family's first beginnings together.
This wallpaper represents me as a wannabe designer.
The motif and colour truly make my heart sing and the whimsical birds with their heads in the sand are just too perfect not to love.
Like the settee, this wallpaper is a perfect representation of my design sense and style.
Thank you again to Chassity for having me.
I hope I didn't bore you all to death with my 'I love my home' diatribe.

Bore us, Christine?  I'm ready to hop a flight to Canada to come see it all in person!  You may call yourself a wannabe designer, but not in my books! 
Thank you so much to Christine for sharing with us.  Be sure to head over to her blog Bijou and Boheme.  You can see more of Christine's home in her post here.

November 22, 2010

J.Crew Shoe Of The Month Club - A Review

Have you ever wondered about the J.Crew Shoe of the Month Club?  If you're a serious shoe addict like me then you probably have.  In fact, I will go as far as to say that if you read my blog you probably have.  When I began researching the club last year, I could find NOTHING.  Seriously, it was like an exclusive secret society that was kept under wraps.  So, of course I joined.  Every month when that specially chosen pair arrived on my doorstep it was like pure bliss.  And I'm here today to throw back the curtain and reveal my year worth of shoes.  Delight.   

I chose to receive all heels, but you can also choose all flats or a mixture of both.

January: Soleil Nubuck Platform Heels.  $225

February: Dani Neon Leather Heels.  $235 (Arrived just in time for Valentine's Day)

March: Lilly Peeptoe Heels.  $ 228

April: Caden Suede Cork Wedges.  $150

May: Julienne Suede Heels.  $198

June: Sardinia Wedge Espadrille Heels.  $118

July: Demetra Heels.  $198

August: Langford Leather High Heel Oxfords.  $275

September: Bronson Suede Booties.  $250

October: Miller High Heel Motorcycle Boots.  $298

November: Archer Peep-Toe Ankle Boots.  $250

December: Gibson Suede Lace-up Platform Sandal.  $275

*EDIT*  I've added December's shoe.

You may be wondering why I'm including the prices.  This is so you can see that you really do get a deal on all of these shoes by joining the club.

My Reveiw = Best club ever!  While I love to shop (you all know this by now) it was also thrilling to have J.Crew's stylists surprise me every month with a new gorgeous pair. 

All images via J.Crew