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October 31, 2012

Random On Halloween

Next year for Halloween, I want to dress up like her.

Or perhaps a Fairy Godmother.

Would be totally awesome. Both paintings are by Janet Hill. And just for fun, this is my most favorite painting of hers. She just looks so exasperated by him, doesn't she?


I just ordered this long sleeve swing dress. Because you can't have enough swing dresses. Or black dresses. Oh, and it's only $44 and comes in a couple different colors. But I posted it on my facebook page last night and now there aren't many left. Sorry about that.

And I'm lovin' all over these cobalt and black color block pumps too. Aren't they just divine?

So I try not to re-blog many of my instagrams because I figure most of you see them since they're right there on the sidebar, but I had questions about my shirt I'm wearing. It's this Cynthia Rowley top. Feels like a sweatshirt, can be worn so many ways. I'm obsessed.

And while we're re-sharing instagrams, did you catch my Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High collections? I was a total book nerd. I grew up in the country, there weren't many kids around to play with after school... I got hooked. Would often read a book in a day. 

Nothing tops Sweet Valley High (maybe S&TC). I know you read it too. Were you a Jessica or an Elizabeth? I'll give you one guess on which I was... and it wasn't Elizabeth ;)

Have a happy and safe Halloween!! And much love out to those affected by Hurrican Sandy. The news is just devastating. Hits home for us here in Charleston since we're on the coast. Be careful!

October 30, 2012

Boho Boutique

So I sent Josh and Lilly to Target last night for a few things. Considering that I ended up staying home making a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich and consequently eating a bunch of Halloween candy that Josh brought home, it wasn't my best decision. But the real regret is that I'm now seeing that Target just launched this gorgeous Boho Boutique. I'm loving this inexpensive collection, and it's huge!

I especially love the pillows, drapes, and shower curtains. What do you think?

I take it all back. Apparently the Boho Boutique is only available online. How could I ever regret a bacon sandwich? Well alright, I guess there are reasons...

On a much more important note, I hope all of my Hurricane Sandy friends (and family/friends of y'all) are safe and sound. I read on twitter that the NYU Hospital staff had to evacuate everyone and did so smoothly. Major props to the NICU nurses who took babies down 9 flights of dark stairs. Incredible. If I could I'd come bring you all bacon sandwiches too.

October 28, 2012

Maternity Style With Marysia Reeves

I hesitate to title this post "Maternity Style" and pigeon hole it only for baby bumps. You'll see, my friend Marysia Reeves of Marysia Swim just has crazy good style. I asked her to show us how she's dressing her 24 week bump... If you ask me, she dresses it perfectly.

And for the record, only 1 item here (her jeans worn in the last outfit) is maternity. So this post is for all y'alls :)

Marysia's wearing above:

Phillip Lim sweater, Library vintage skirtCeline Bag (call Kirna Zabete to order),

Marysia's wearing above:

Marysia's wearing above:

Marysia's wearing above:

Isn't she the cutest?? Makes it look so effortless and awesome. I miss my friend now that she's in NYC, but it's fun to visit her there. And if you follow me on instagram then you saw that she's here in Charleston right now escaping Hurricane Sandy. Here's hoping for little damage.

Okay, so I'll have more of Marysia later this week. Her latest Marysia Swim collection just hit her website. If you can't wait to see it you can check it out here. Thanks, Marysia, for showing us some tips on how to stay so cute during pregnancy (and before and after). 

Also, a very large thank you to the amazing LINDSEYBELLE Photography. Lindsey, you have once again nailed a gorgeous photo shoot. Thanks for taking these pictures of Marysia for us.

PS, while I recommend trying to find non-maternity clothing and just going up in size, I do have a couple of favorite maternity spots to shop when maternity is needed: Asos Maternity, Shopbop's Maternity, and Gap Maternity. And I think that every pregnant momma needs a pair of maternity spanx. I swore by them during both of my pregnancies.

All Photography by LINDSEYBELLE Photography.

October 27, 2012

Party Dress Central

On the weekends I get antsy to dress up. November is creeping up. This means the beginning of holiday season :) Whether you're out to dinner with your man or have a party to go to, it's just more fun to put on something special. Right?

Here are my favorites.

October 25, 2012

Anthropologie Hits Charleston - Party!

It's kinda unreal that Charleston has gone centuries without an Anthropologie. I mean, who couldn't use some funky drawer pulls and chunky knit scarves :) Deprived no more. If you follow me on instagram then you know that last night I attended their opening party on King Street. Official opening is today. Anthropologie, welcome to Charleston.

LOOK! It's those quilts I blogged about last week. Love 'em even more in person, and they have them in pink too!!

I think I might actually like the home goods section of Anthro best. Gets me every time. Love the dishes.

I tried on this loop scarf while I was in Chicago too. Still love it. Oh, and I'm all ready for the holidays now after hanging out in there. So pretty inside.

I took this picture for my friend Christine. If you read her blog, then you too might think that this is what Christmas should look like at her house :)

Hello pretty collar necklace.

 Oh-ma-gah, love this chair.

Good times with Natalie, Katie, Caycee, and Kelly.

I'll be heading back there next week to really look around :) Happy Weekend, y'all!

On The Job Style

Though I'd hardly call this here blog a job, it is my passion and hobby after all, I'd love to share a sweet lil' "On The Job "feature that Alexandra Munzel of Alexandra Styles whipped up about me. Complete with an early morning photo shoot, I'd say I'm one lucky and over-rated gal :)

What I'm Wearing: 

You can see the full article here. Thanks for a fun morning, Alexandra.

Photography by Darrell Connolly.

October 24, 2012

Fresh & Lucky

Confession. Joe Fresh, the "of the moment" brand apparently on every editor's lips, had escaped me. I'm not ashamed to admit it. The Canadian brand doesn't have an e-commerce site (yet! but they do have a beautiful site worth checking out) and has only a handful of stores in the US, all in NYC. But I think the US is going to hear about them a lot more in the near future. My friend Elana Fishman at Lucky Magazine (remember when she took me on the tour of her office?) dropped by Joe Fresh's 5th Avenue flagship store to try on some of the brand's affordable trends. Looking good, Elana!

Like Spain's Zara and Sweden's H&M, I think Canada's Joe Fresh can hold it's own. Aaaand much like it's high street predecessors, JF also has a really cute childen's line. But I really want to hear from my Canadian readers, what do you all think of this brand? Dish.

PS, you can check out Elana's full report here!

The Art Of The Drapey Jacket

The Drapey Jacket. In my humble opinion, it is the jacket to have. Of course, I don't live in a city where it's frigid cold for months, so a good jacket can get a ton of wear and keep me warm enough. I like the drapey style because I just feel like it hides my middle more and looks casual badass. I don't know, that might be weird. But I know y'all like it a lot too because I got a lot of messages about this jacket I wore and shared in my Chicago post (and this particular picture on my FB page).

So I thought I'd do a round up of my most favorite drapey jacket options. Some are leather like mine, but some are other materials like cotton, jersey... So there is a really wide range of prices here, depending on what type of invesment you want to make. When you hover over each photo you'll get a preview of the brand and price. Easy.

What do you all think? Which is your favorite? And yes, I had some couch time yesterday nursing my cold so there was extra time to assemble some favorites :) I guess colds are good for some things.

PS, my spell check doesn't like the term "drapey". I do though, and that's what counts, right?

PPS, that soup from yesterday was the bomb. Josh said it might be the best soup I make (I make A LOT of soups).

October 23, 2012

Cough Cough

We're all sick as dogs over here. I actually put a little makeup on yesterday only for it to disappear 30 minutes later - funny how that happens with a bad cold, huh? I'm just saying, I could have REALLY done a number on that ol' Kleenex brand campaign that my friend Courtney just did that can be seen in many of the magazines out right now. Do you hear me HEARST?? Wink.

It was definitely one of those mornings where I fantasized that someone would take over all my duties and I could just stay in bed til noon. I don't really get those days anymore. These two make sure of that.

Like how they cooperated for this picture? With their demanding bellies, inquisitive questions, and like I shared here on facebook, toys everywhere - I stay busy. And then there's my husband, friends and family, and of course this blog. Such is my blessed life though, you know? Really, I'm not complaining.

So, in true Chassity fashion I'm going to eat my way through this cold. I think I'll make this fig & brie rosemany grilled cheese sandwhich (only I'll use regular bread instead of pound cake...).

By the way, do you read MacKenzie's blog? It's filled with the most amazing grilled cheese recipes. Anyway, for dinner I might just whip up this soup. Bacon, sausage, potatoes, kale. Oh, and cheese. Sign me up.

Hey, thanks for all the Joss & Main sale support. You guys are the best - checking it out, sending me messages, spreading the word... Good friends.