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March 31, 2012

The Tutu Project

Have you all seen this Tutu Project yet? In his best effort to raise money for breast cancer (and keep his wife Linda's spirits up after being diagnosed herself with breast cancer) photographer Bob Carey has taken 110 images of himself donning a pink tutu in settings that range from deserts to ferrys.

He's selling tshirts, prints, and has a book due out this fall. Now, I call that fabulous! Read more about his tutu project here.


And if you'd like to do some more weekend shopping, my sponsor Sarah Swansen is offering 30% off in her Gallery Wall shop through April 1st. That's $7 paintings ya'll. 

March 30, 2012

I'm Not A Poser Challenge

Remember this little post that sparked a lot of conversation? You know, about living what you pin and fantasize about? I mentioned that a challenge was coming. Well it's time that we all show our cards...

I challenge you to do something inspired by an idea that you've blogged about, talked about, wished about, or pinned.

Your project can be anything. Maybe you've been dreaming of throwing an awesome party for friends, or reupholstering a chair in a fabric out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you want to cut 10 inches off of your hair, or design a handbag. Hell I don't know what floats your boat, but whatever it is I want you to do it!

And if you do something kinda big or pretty darn cool, well then we want to see it! I'll be taking your submissions up through May 15th. I'll just need some photos and why you chose to do what you did!

And yes, I'm going to participate too. Let's do this people!

March 29, 2012

Rad Runners

I want to put these runners all over my new house. Crazy awesome.
Too bad shipping would probably be a bitch. Aren't they just the coolest?

March 28, 2012

Dessert Trays + Go See

Um, how cute is this idea??

Throw some cool paper in a frame and you have a unique dessert tray. Love it. Idea (and tutorial) found via Ruffled Blog.


Also, today I'm over at my super cool friend Amber's blog, Amber Interiors, for her "babe behind the blog" series.

 It was a lot of fun to put together and I actually shared some embarrassing stuff.... so go see!


First of all, thank you so much for all the sweet messages yesterday. Ya'll know how to make a girl feel good! And flattery does that. You know what else makes me feel good? Meeting readers who are inspired by my blog...

Meet Angela. A gorgeous LLL reader who was inspired by all of your mixed prints outfits. So much so that she tried out her own version at Charleston Fashion Week. And that's not all, she asked her sweet (and handsome) boyfriend to wear mixed prints too.

{Apparently I need a new camera, this is kinda cloudy.}

Um, how cute are they? Love it! Thanks for reading, Angela :) You're a doll!


I recently wore my $44 mint dress I told ya'll about. I love it! 

{With my friends Jenn, Anna, and Ashley}


And I attended a Chris Benz event at Hampden Clothing and finally met 2 of my "online friends" who came into town. Isn't it fun making those connections?!


And speaking of Hampden Clothing, Stacy has chosen a winner for the Rag & Bone Event and runway show this Friday! In her own words...

"And the winner is….Natalie Debnam Mason!
I loved outfit #3 as well because I love the bright yellow for spring and who can go wrong
with a classic trench by Rag & Bone.  What are you wearing to the show
now that you have a FREE ticket Miss Natalie??"

The rest of you in the Charleston area who want to attend can buy your tickets here! I swear this is going to be the bomb. Trust me.

March 27, 2012

Closet Confidential

I'm honored to be included in Charleston City Paper's 2012 Style Issue. CCP's Arts & Scene Editor Erica Jackson Curran dropped by my home a few weeks ago for a peek around. I was a little nervous, I haven't even shared my closet here on the blog! But leave it to Erica to make me sound way cooler than I actually am (not easy to do).

And they did Lilly's too :)

You can read the article (and see the other closets they raided) here. Thanks so much for including me, Charleston City Paper! 

March 26, 2012

Fashion Week Trends For Your Closet (Now)!

Good morning, Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was so good, and I'm ready to start the new week! And I'm choosing to start the new week with trends I spied on the runway (and off) last week that we can all have in our closets now. No waiting. And even better, a lot of these items are less than $60! Think sheer, neon, pastel, floral, playsuits, and cutouts.

Sheer Jacket with Neon Stiching (Holy moly I want this.)
Mint Skinny Jean (These are in, but I don't need to tell you that... & they're only $57.)
Florid 2 Piece Bikini (Be still my heart, right?)
Tunic with Neon Gem Trim (Holy moly I just ordered this :)
Strappy Suede Sandals (And these come in other fun colors too.)
Playsuit with Rope Belt (Playsuits are in. And this one comes in adorable colors too.)
Tuxedo Jacket (I so need one of these.)
Sheer Cutaway Shirt (Again, sheer is cool.)
Palm Scarf Print Jeans (Patterned pants are so it right now, and these are only $70.)

And let's not forget a good knit. Isn't this A+RO Milena Sweater incredible?
Happy Shopping!! xx

March 24, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Thursday Night Recap

{Photography by Reese Moore}

Alright, we had another fun show Thursday night at Charleston Fashion Week 2012. I was pleasantly surprised by Copper Penny's (a local boutique) show and wouldn't have thought I'd take away anything new and worth reporting from them. But this hair is pretty cool don'tcha think?

{Photography by Reese Moore}

But onto the Emerging Designers. Check out what they brought.

Jordan Lee Brooks

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Kelly Elizabeth Ruehlman & Amy Cochran Quinn

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Hazel Bae

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Nancy Faw Crowell

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

and I snapped this picture of the adorable little boy waving to his (very proud) parents...

Vartika Vikram
{Thursday night's emerging designer winner}
{And LLL's favorite}

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

And Sarah Parrott, Luciana Scarabello, & Nikki Poulos from NBC's Star Fashion Series were the featured designers. I met Sarah last year when she was an emerging designer at CFW and absolutely adored her style. Still do. A very wearable collection.

I'd say that CFW judge Lindsey Carter (designer of Troubadour) with her husband Wes on her right and CFW judge Cameron Silver (wearing the hat) are enjoying the show.

{Photography by Paul Zoeller}

Whew, fashion week can be exhausting. I totally hit up my favorite food truck, Roti Rolls, (conveniently parked right outside of the CFW tents) on my way out. I saw some of the models headed their direction too, always good to see that :)

I'll be back soon with the bridal show recap!

March 22, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Wednesday Night Recap

Last night's show at Charleston Fashion Week 2012 was off the hook. I thought the Emerging Designers totally brought it. See for yourself.

Ra Jang

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Nina Awasum

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

And a close up of the makeup...

{Photography by Reese Moore}

Jessica Patricia Krupa

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

And a backstage swim shot...

{Photography by Reese Moore}

Bob & Kris Galmarini
LLL's favorite of the night. Lilly and Fletcher need this cuteness :)

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

and check out the crowd's reaction...

{Photography by Paul Zoeller}

Angela Sum
Wednesday night's Emerging Designer winner!

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

JLINSYDER also presented and I thought this show was just fabulous!! Drapey, sheer goodness. Bravo!

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

CFW judge K. Cooper Ray snaps a shot...

{Photography by Paul Zoeller}

Charleston's Most Stylish each got a shout out from Charleston Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Darcy Shankland and CFW Creative Director Ayoka Lucas.

{Photography by Paul Zoeller}

Wednesday night's Featured Designer was Michael Wiernicki. He presented as an emerging designer last year. I can't say that his collection is really "my thing" but I respect his individuality. He put on an interesting show!

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Lastly, so sorry I don't have any of last night's street styles for you today. We can all blame my husband. I came down the stairs and Josh totally shot down what I put on to wear to the show (for those of you wondering it was a sheer top). Bahaha, so I was a little late getting there. Guess husbands have a right to share their opinion from time to time ;) I did say I turned 30 last week right?? I felt 15... Here's what I ended up wearing:

How cool is Erin Perkins with her bun? Much thanks to Jess James for snapping this picture! Oh, and back to street styles... the good news is you can see Street Style Under the Tents by Diana Deaver here!