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March 24, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Thursday Night Recap

{Photography by Reese Moore}

Alright, we had another fun show Thursday night at Charleston Fashion Week 2012. I was pleasantly surprised by Copper Penny's (a local boutique) show and wouldn't have thought I'd take away anything new and worth reporting from them. But this hair is pretty cool don'tcha think?

{Photography by Reese Moore}

But onto the Emerging Designers. Check out what they brought.

Jordan Lee Brooks

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Kelly Elizabeth Ruehlman & Amy Cochran Quinn

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Hazel Bae

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

Nancy Faw Crowell

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

and I snapped this picture of the adorable little boy waving to his (very proud) parents...

Vartika Vikram
{Thursday night's emerging designer winner}
{And LLL's favorite}

{Photography by Ed Kavishe/Fashion Wire Press}

And Sarah Parrott, Luciana Scarabello, & Nikki Poulos from NBC's Star Fashion Series were the featured designers. I met Sarah last year when she was an emerging designer at CFW and absolutely adored her style. Still do. A very wearable collection.

I'd say that CFW judge Lindsey Carter (designer of Troubadour) with her husband Wes on her right and CFW judge Cameron Silver (wearing the hat) are enjoying the show.

{Photography by Paul Zoeller}

Whew, fashion week can be exhausting. I totally hit up my favorite food truck, Roti Rolls, (conveniently parked right outside of the CFW tents) on my way out. I saw some of the models headed their direction too, always good to see that :)

I'll be back soon with the bridal show recap!


Jin said...

ahh...I wish that I still lived in Charleston. Looks like a fun time!

Unknown said...

Great coverage! I love that more cities have opened avenues for budding designers everywhere. Have a lovely weekend :)

Marianne said...

What an incredible week! I remember going to Copper Penny when I visited Charleston. Bringing back memories, Chassity! Have a great weekend! P.S. they should pay you for all of this great coverage :)

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

so impressed by the emerging designers. There is some real talent out there! Sad I missed!