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February 28, 2013

Southern Coterie Summit

Remember recently when I went on and on about how sometimes conference presenters aren't so informative? Well the universe seems to be pointing her finger at me and she's putting me in the hot seat. The Southern Coterie Summit in Jekyll Island, GA to be exact.

The Southern Coterie has teamed up with Southern Living to bring together an intimate niche group of southern creatives (think bloggers, artists, social media junkies... you?) for this inaugural event in early May. Expect a lot of conversation, ideas, and in my case, beach time. It's going to be sooooo good.

My friend Lulie Wallace and I will be leading a session all about blogging and brand collaborations. We'll be getting real. I promise to bring it. You can read more details about our session here on the summit schedule page. And check out the rest of the schedule - it's packed with some really awesome presenters (see that whole list here). I get a lot of emails asking for thoughts and advice about blogging - well, here ya go.

Point it, it's going to be an awesome getaway to Jekyll and I'm hoping to see a lot of you southern peeps there!! We'll have pool drinks, meet some great people, learn a few tricks, and have an all around good time. Check out all the details HERE.

February 27, 2013

Clare Elsaesser

I've shared my adoration for Clare's paintings before (almost exactly 1 year ago, see here), and I just think y'all will love her latest pieces. Every time I look through them I have a new favorite. You should note that all of her prints are incredibly affordable, too.

Dreamlike and such pretty color. Let's revisit some of my favorites from her work past.

February 26, 2013

Challenged By Home Depot... Again!

What, you see all pretty clothes and fancy things up in here so you think I don't know my way around a Home Depot? Wrong. They're such a legit group over there.

Remember when I took part in their holiday style challenge? Well a few weeks ago they asked me to participate in their upcoming Patio Style Challenge, too. Que the happy dancing.

So I was invited to choose a patio set to have and to hold forever and ever. As you know, we're in the midst of fixing up our backyard. Which means I'll soon be in need of a dining set to go back there. Pretty good timing right? Feeling so lucky. The backyard isn't done yet, so for the time being my new set will live in this little space on my porch.

I can't wait to break into those boxes and get this pretty all set up! Expect some bright paint, people :) I'm thinking peachy coral. But we'll see where the Home Depot paint department pulls me. Unfortunately our painters want to charge an arm and a leg to paint this (take advantage much?) so I miiiiight actually have to tackle this on my own. Any tips for painting cast aluminum?

February 25, 2013

Spring Swim Wishes Take 2

I went through my swimwear collection yesterday and was so shocked at how plain it is. Save for a few stand outs, it's pretty blah. That just can't do. I need some color in my life.

Tunic Cover Up
Flamingo Cut Out One Piece
Floral Belted One Piece $52!
Striped Bandeau Bikini $65!
Feather Print Bikini
Bow Jelly Flops $30!
Lemlem Stripe Cover Up

This year will be different. I've already added the Marysia Swim flamingo print one piece to my drawer, and now that floral one piece is on it's way to me too. I need some bomb bikinis now. How pretty is that stripey bikini?? 

As I've gotten older I've come to realize just how important it is to love my coverup as much as my suit. Back in the day I would just throw on shorts and tees. But these days I'm all about pretty coverups that I can kinda sorta live in and wear out to a casual lunch or chase after my kids in and still look fly (while hiding the cheeseburger belly after lunch).

I know I've been talking about clothes clothes clothes on here lately - but this is what's on my mind. Vamping up my wardrobe for spring and summer! And it's even better when the price is right.

February 23, 2013

"One Good Deed" Challenge

Have I ever mentioned to you all that I'm Catholic? Probably hasn't gotten brought up as I avoid this type of topic here on the blog. That, and I wouldn't say I'm the beeeest practicing Catholic. Sorry Granny. But in my religion we have this thing called Lent going on right now. People give up habits like eating junk and stuff like that for a short period of time. It's really a nice thing.

Well, I'm going to start doing one good deed a day. I mean, yeah I like to think that I already do this so it should be super easy. But I'm going to really concentrate on it. And I think this One Good Deed A Day journal could help and make it all so much fun.

The book has lovely little prompts to encourage you. So like, when I'm ready to punch the delivery man because he forgot my 4th extra, extra ranch I can just chill the hell out and take off my cranky pants instead (but not in front of him!!).

Who wants to do this with me??? Let's make the world a happier place one Look Linger Love reader at a time.

February 22, 2013

Just Like A Charleston Lady

'Tis the season for trip planning. Just in the past 3 days I've gotten emails from 4 different people planning trips to Charleston looking for recommendations of places to stay, where to eat, which shops are musts... I get these emails all the time and totally plan to have a Charleston recommendation page on my new site to make it easy for everyone (and myself).

But it got me thinking about how amazing Charleston is and why people want to come. Obviously it's gorgeous, nice weather, on the beach, historic, crazy good culinary scene. But it's the people here that make Charleston awesome, too. Did you know that we're considered to be one of the friendliest, most good looking, fashionable towns around? It's true!!

So if you want a little Charleston style here are a few spring notes (that don't include Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Jack Rogers sandals - no, there's nothing wrong with them - please don't send me hate mail!!)

A great blazer. Better yet, make it a floral blazer.

BCBG Jacket (also available here)  *  Iggy Floral  *  Tapestry Moto Jacket

Plenty of garden party dresses. It's about color, People.

Load up on maxis too. Loving these budget finds ($23 - $41 - lots of different color options, too).

And some new, fresh sandals.

Just to start, of course :) Happy Friday!

February 21, 2013

More, More Troubadour

Do you get tired of hearing about my talented friends? I just can't get enough of them. And today is one of my faves. I've shared my crazy love for Lindsey Carter's line Troubadour on here many a time. But have you seen her latest Spring 2013 collection??

This Cap Cana Dress miiiiight be my favorite in the whole collection!

I know I know I know I know. DYING. Charleston lady talent to the motha f-in max! And then some. You will get to see muuuuch more of her collection here on my blog soon!! I promise pretty pretty.

In the mean time - shop Troubadour Spring 2013 HERE!

Photography by Sully Sullivan.

February 20, 2013

Getchyo Fall 2013 Runway Pre Order On

It amazes me that the concept of pre ordering straight after the runway is a newish concept. Moda Operandi is such a fashion game changer. And considering the dream team behind it (Lauren Santo Domingo, Aslaug Magnusdottir, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Indre Rockefeller, Hayley Bloomingdale - to name a few) it's no wonder. Have your eye on a favorite designer Fall 2013 collection piece from fashion week? Hop on over to Moda Operandi and get your pre'O on.

I mean, wouldn't you love to have one of these beauties delivered to your doorstep in a few months? Without the worry of whether or not your favorite shops will be picking it up. Here are a few of my (in my dreams) favorites...

Find your favorite collections here.

And I know I know. I'm as sick of hearing about fashion week as you are. Notice you haven't seen shit about it here on LLL. Until now. But THIS, this what Moda Operandi is doing, is brilliant. Albeit not for everyone. As nothing ever is.

House Romantics

Following up on yesterday's post all about Haskell, today I'd love for you to hop over to her blog, Magpie, to see her latest House Romantics post featuring... me! I'm sharing 5 of my favorite things in my new home.

Here's one. I bought this West Elm light before I ever even knew that we were going to be renovating a new home. I just knew I had to have it. And it's absolutely perfect in our master bathroom. 

You can go see the whole feature and the rest of my things here! And be sure to keep scrolling because I'm in good company. Some of her most recent House Romantics include Steele Thomas Marcoux, Erika Powell, Lauren Leiss, and Courtney Barnes. 

February 19, 2013

Poolside Charm By Haskell Harris

So apparently my girl Haskell Harris thinks I need some pool help.

I do. You all saw the mess. Admit it, you think it too.

So when Haskell sends me a pool mood board complete with Slim Aarons inspiration, I take note. In fact, I take note of anything Haskell says. Considering she's a ten year veteran in the shelter magazine world where she held editor titles at both Cottage Living and Garden & Gun, the girl knows what she's talking about. She now spends her time here in Charleston at Haskell Harris Creative focusing on all things aesthetic, including freelance editorial work, brand development, and interior design (yes you can actually hire her!). She's pretty much the belle of southern decor.

So back to that day I started to tell you about. I get a text ding ding from her that says, "this is you this summer".

And then my inbox went ding ding too. Jackpot.

"In general I think of your look as a little midcentury with a whole lotta LA/California thrown in."

I couldn't agree more. In Haskell's words...

"Towels from the amazing collection by Natori which at 29 bucks a pop for a towel that looks like modern art is pretty awesome. Love the floral one because it has so many colors and when you put it with a geometric it's all of a sudden fresh...

Plastic, Slim Aarons-ish sixties striped tumblers in cornflower blue because nobody wants glass around a pool with children and drinks should be part of the game plan, virgin or not!

Chinoserie is a huuuuge tend right now and it's so classic too, which is why I love the fun pagoda shape of these khaki umbrellas. Also, it's a steal.

Flyaway sticks my Madison James keep mosquitos at bay without harsh chemicals. They've been around awhile but I still think they're the best solution.

The best wicker chaise ever invented for ikea... 'nuf said. It's called the Karlskrona. It's good.

And finally, a beach bag to keep toys and other crap from exploding all over the pool area. Love this company. Super well made, great colors. I would keep lots of these bad boys at hand so you could pack them up for Sullivan's quickly, too! "


So... isn't it the most, to say the least? I'm especially dying over the towels, umbrella, and chaises!! Who's coming over to hang?

PS, if you aren't reading Haskel's new blog, Magpie, you are missing the float, errr I mean boat.

Slim Aarons' top image from the book A Place in the Sun.

February 18, 2013

Birthday Party Dresses - First Cut

I have quite a few events and parties coming up, so when I came across this dress over the weekend I really just couldn't resist. The price isn't bad and it's classic and unique enough to last me the long haul in my closet. Plus totally versatile to switch up the look.

Don't you love when you find a good buy? My birthday is in less than a month and I'm a firm believer that one always needs a new party dress for such an occasion. The pretty frock above isn't the one, but these sure could be.

So which is your favorite? I'm sure this is just my first round of possible birthday dresses. More to come :)