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June 30, 2013

Sunday Style File: "Her Sweater Is Better" She Wrote In A Letter

Blame my upcoming mountain trip, but this jealous sweater letter it's most likely thanks to the crop of cozy sweaters that are popping up from my favorite brands. I want that. I want that!

Preparation is key. Said she.

Also, many of you probably already know that starting tomorrow Google Reader will no longer exist. I have no idea why they've decided that they shouldn't bother with it from here on, considering the millions of people who use it everyday, but sadly it will be gone. I've had a Bloglovin' account for probably 5 years now and can tell you it's a great way to follow your favorite blogs. So consider using that site to keep your blog reads organized. You can find Look Linger Love on Bloglovin' right here.

June 28, 2013

Beach Weekend

Oh hello weekend, I'm so glad you're here. What are y'all up to? I'm thinking I need a family beach day on Sullivans. Probably stop by Home Team BBQ for a sandwich and mac n cheese (they have the best bbq and mac ever. Hands down. They didn't pay me to write that, but I would accept free food.). In light of that I probably outta bring my high waisted Marysia Swim Tiki bikini. :)

Isn't this underwater picture cool? Gray took it of us one night last weekend with her new lifeproof iphone case.

So I'm gonna sign off with a few good sale highlights, sound good? Because right now is the perfect time to snatch up your designer favorites.

(The deep V back of this is so crazy good. One size 4 is also available HERE for less.) 

(Also available HERE.)

(Also available HERE along with the rest of the collaboration collection.)
(See it below carried by the designer herself.)

Also love this Dannijo necklace and these Rachel Comey loafers.

Have a good one!!

June 27, 2013

Designer Doing It Right: JOIE

There are very few brands that are so well curated and designed that I feel like I could wear their brand and their brand only all season long and be happy. (Random but am I the only one who has these weird thoughts? Like, if I had to pick just one store, what would it be...) J.Crew and Madewell come to mind as high contenders for winning this award. But just wait. I've been dying all over JOIE's collection the past couple of months as new arrivals would spill onto Shopbop and various other favorite sites. But what I didn't realize is just how complete of a collection JOIE itself is. Dresses, blouses, tees, pants, shorts, flats and heels, even the perfect bag. It's just so wearable and perfect. I probably pulled about 25 different pieces for the post, it was so hard narrowing it down`.

I have some JOIE pants and they're super comfy. And I've been stalking the Fori Maxi for quite some time now (haven't ordered it b/c it's pretty similar to another dress that I have). But I think I'm most drawn to the dresses and blouse collection. Much like how Equipment has their widely adored button down top on lock down, JOIE has the silk blouse nailed. I tend to gravitate toward feminine pieces and JOIE most certainly offers that.

Drop Waist: This Or That

I found the perfect little drop waist dress, y'all. It's quilted so the fabric is not too thin & revealing, and has a soft pleated skirt that gives it the perfect subtle structure. It's offered in two colors. Which one is more you? Pink or black?

After much thought, I decided the black was where it's at for me just because it would be a little more versatile. Can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep. And won't it be perfect with a little jacket thrown over it in the fall?

This one will sell out fast you guys. Don't deliberate for long. Hell, maybe I should order the pink too?

June 26, 2013

New Arrivals Of Note

i can't stop thinking about these neon dolce vita silk pants. crazy for the coral pair, too. 
just like that this felt shoulder bag has made it to the top of my fall wishlist. so dreamy.
this pleated butterfly dress makes me really happy.
and this feline top is on my wishlist too. really versatile.
leather vest is the perfect fall staple. this one is the cutest I've seen & is not a zillion $.
oh hello bow trimmed cuff floral swing dress season changer.
cute and simple inexpensive trippy flat.
this bengals tiger skirt is my favorite clover canyon piece yet. i think. 
oh nevermind, it's way too hard to pick a favorite clover canyon piece.

Marysia BUMBY Pre Sale!!

Marysia BUMBY is pre-selling this exclusive flamingo print Mini Hawaii swimsuit in children's sizes! Lilly has it (you might have seen her wearing it during our family vacation) and we're pretty much obsessed with the cuteness. We can't go anywhere without being stopped and asked where we got it. 

This flamingo print is a Marysia Swim exclusive design and has been featured in Glamour Magazine. It's pretty major :) 

The Mini Hawaii suit is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8 and offered in reversible flamingo/black, flamingo/cobalt, or flamingo/baboon pink. It's priced at $125 and will be available in about 45 days for delivery.

Elle says "Hooray" for reversible swimwear!! Two for one.

And for all you boy momma's, Marysia didn't leave you out. She's offering fitted european BUMBY boy shorts in reversible flamingo/black, cobalt/black, black/flamingo for $95. Here's a picture of them but in a different color way.

To pre-order a suit email Marysia Swim at

Marysia Swim Bumby Flamingo Suit is modeled by Farris Benko (Gray's daughter), Lilly Evans (mine), and Elle Reeves (Marysia's daughter). Boy swimmies modeled by Wade Pope (Jane's son).

June 25, 2013

Shopbop Extra Extra Sale

Run over to Shopbop stat -- for 3 days they're offering an extra 25% off all sale items!! 

There are some killer steals over there like this Parker dress, this little white Equipment dressthese Marais wedges, this awesome Gryphon jacket for fall, my Ash wedge sneakers, and this floral Tibi top.

I'm not even scratching the surface. Go check it out and don't forget to use the code "EXTRA25" for an additional 25% off!

What I'm Wearing: Rain Gear

When life gives you rain... 

Put on your favorite rain things. These are mine. This raincoat totally rocks. Heery's has it in a lot of colors, too. Another thing that rocks, these poppy printed shorts by my friend Lauren Lail. And if you've been reading my blog for awhile then you already know that these rain booties are my fave. Oh, and duh, the bra.

 Photography by Gray Benko.

June 24, 2013

Look Linger Love + Land Of Nod

For the past few months I've been working on a crazy exciting collaboration with the Land of Nod. We've been co-designing a new big girl room for Lilly as well as outfitting the downstairs play room for the kids. I KNOW! And last week the Land of Nod team flew in to Charleston to install our vision and get some pretty photographs of my kids.

We're going to be one of Land of Nod's Real Families and will be featured in the August catalog.

There really are no words that describe how excited I am about this whole dream project. Land of Nod has been one of my favorite go to kid sites since I was first pregnant with Lilly. The opportunity to not only have this LLL brand collaboration is pretty amazing in it's own right. But to also get to give my kids such a crazy fun experience at the same time just takes it over the top. The kids loved having the Land of Nod team around and were pretty elated with all their new things (as you can imagine).

Now I just have to wait for August to share with you what all we did!

June 23, 2013

Sunday Style File: Soludos

I'm working on a fun little project with Soludos Espadrilles and have had quite the time picking a favorite pair. I've narrowed it down to these 7. I think. Which is your favorite?

The entire soludos collection ranges in price from $28 - $65, so I suppose one could have a few favorites :) Love the kid's espadrille collection, too.

June 21, 2013

Designer Doing It Right: Tibi

I'd like to start periodically highlighting designers who are knocking their collections out of the park. Let's start with Tibi. Always a classic investment.

Can you even believe that lace full skirt? You should see it as the dress, too. The white color way would be pretty enough to be married in. Also loving the slip dress version of that blossom tank. And let's not leave out the popular leopard denim shorts.

Go peruse Tibi's summer sale, too. It's pretty sweet- so much so that there were too many styles for me to pull - you'll have to go see on your own. Up to 60% off.

PS- I know a lot of you are wondering about my last couple of instagrams. I promise I'll have a post up explaining it all soon. It's been a fun and crazy week having Land of Nod here. We've been working on an exciting project the last couple of months and it's coming to fruition as I type :) But I feel like I've been kind of absent on my life and here on the blog. Like, I'm here but I don't feel like I've had the time to put my usual effort into things. I have so much blog reading to catch up on, too. That's what weekends are for, right? Hope y'all have a good one! Fun posts coming up next week.

June 20, 2013

French Chic

I want to wear this outfit so bad that I would even wear it in this hot SC weather. That bad, y'all.

bonsoir tank - perfect little graphic tank for layering.
sevens destroyed jeans - sevens has pretty much always been my best fitting jean. u too?
i want a large watch and this marc jacobs gold watch is priced nicely and looks good.
it's never too early to buy a good sweater, especially one as pretty as this vince drape cardigan.
i love the discreet brand stamp on this lunch clutch. the white is my fave but black is nice, too.
these black whisp pumps look like $300 but are only $89 on shopbop. love 'em!

If you'd rather pair this outfit with a flat then these felicia flats are pretty much tops. The reviews they're getting are awesome.

June 19, 2013

White Box Challenge: Joy & Revelry

My blogging buddy, Bryn Alexandra, has a new Joy & Revelry shop that's pretty and awesome and is the perfect melting pot for her interior design style. I'm sure many of you know Bryn, but for those of you who do not let me tell you.. she's the bees knees- a fun blog writer, an amazing interior designer (she's in Charlotte, NC), and a good friend. She's super pretty, too. See:

Bryn invited a small handful of bloggers to participate in a "white box challenge" where each of us designs a small space around an item from Bryn's shop. The twist is that I had no idea what my item would be until I opened the box. But this was the most fun part because Bryn is a badass designer so I knew it would be fun to see what she sent my way :)

And it was good.

So let's now play a game of find the prezzie. Can you guess which item it is?

I know, that's stupid Chassity! There are waaaay too many things there for you to guess which item it might be. So let's get in a little closer. Now can you guess?

 Ding ding ding. It's this Port 68 Avalon Box.

I'm a big fan of white and lucite. Bryn knows me well. And how pretty is the zebra wood veneer interior?

This avalon box is my new catch all for things when I walk into the kitchen. Or when I need to neatly and quickly stash clutter when guests come. What you can't tell from the pictures is the quality of this box. It's really heavy (heavy in a good way- that's real lucite, y'all) and even prettier in person.

Go check out all of the pretty things in Bryn's shop at Joy & Revelry. You don't want to miss the bamboo console and python bench. And don't forget to use the 10% discount for Look Linger Love readers. Just enter the code "BRYN_WHITEBOX_10at checkout.

Congrats on your new venture, Bryn!

June 18, 2013

Skirting The Issue

What's your skirt style? Short, patterned, fitted, long, a dress? I'm pretty much all of the above.

Which are your favorites? I love them all but my most favorites for me are in bold. I also have a lot of love for this maya skirt and this gradient skirt, neither pictured above. And can we please talk about those Alexandre Birman ankle tie sandals up there with the striped skirt? I mean, whoa.

Hey, thanks for all the sweet comments on my family vacation pics I shared this morning. Whenever I'm having a bad day I'll just pull those up :)

Vacation Pics

You may have seen on my instagram feed that last week I was in Naples, FL. We went with 30 of my family members and had the best time. My grandparents have a place there so I've grown up vacationing in Naples. It's such a wonderful town, one of my very favorites. Since there were so many of us on this trip most of us stayed at the Ritz Carlton. It was fabulous.

These trips are so precious to me since I live pretty far from my family. We spent most of our time at the pool and beach (and used A LOT of my favorite sunscreen - after a week in the sun none of us had a burn!). Here are a few random pictures from our week. This first one sums it up, we were such happy clams.

 Modeling my Marysia Swim Lanai Dress. On my tippy toes, of course.

Lilly and me watching the sunset.

This is the pool at my Granny and Papa's. Pretty incredible, isn't it?

Speaking of, here's my beautiful granny.

Random, but that Foley & Corinna bag was the only bag I took with me to FL. It's the most perfect bag that can also swing over your shoulder and goes with everything. I've had it for years.

Here are my sis-n-law, Kim, and cousin-n-law, Kelsey...

(Loving Kim's skirt and Kelsey's Tarana Maxi Dress. My dress sold out but this is similar.)

Of course I snuck in some shopping. How cute are these Rag & Bone bike shorts?

Below spy Lilly pouting on her last day, but still looking cute in her Marysia Swim Bumby swimsuit that her Auntie Marysia over-nighted to the Ritz just for her (that Lilly has connections already). This is a sample, but production is happening and Bumby pre-orders will be happening soon. More on that next week.

She also got to make her very first tie dye tee. It's being mailed to us or I would show you how it turned out.

It was a pretty amazing time. I know we live in an amazing city and have the beach right here, too, but it's so nice to get away and have a full week of nothing to do but play. Vacations are good for the soul.