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June 19, 2013

White Box Challenge: Joy & Revelry

My blogging buddy, Bryn Alexandra, has a new Joy & Revelry shop that's pretty and awesome and is the perfect melting pot for her interior design style. I'm sure many of you know Bryn, but for those of you who do not let me tell you.. she's the bees knees- a fun blog writer, an amazing interior designer (she's in Charlotte, NC), and a good friend. She's super pretty, too. See:

Bryn invited a small handful of bloggers to participate in a "white box challenge" where each of us designs a small space around an item from Bryn's shop. The twist is that I had no idea what my item would be until I opened the box. But this was the most fun part because Bryn is a badass designer so I knew it would be fun to see what she sent my way :)

And it was good.

So let's now play a game of find the prezzie. Can you guess which item it is?

I know, that's stupid Chassity! There are waaaay too many things there for you to guess which item it might be. So let's get in a little closer. Now can you guess?

 Ding ding ding. It's this Port 68 Avalon Box.

I'm a big fan of white and lucite. Bryn knows me well. And how pretty is the zebra wood veneer interior?

This avalon box is my new catch all for things when I walk into the kitchen. Or when I need to neatly and quickly stash clutter when guests come. What you can't tell from the pictures is the quality of this box. It's really heavy (heavy in a good way- that's real lucite, y'all) and even prettier in person.

Go check out all of the pretty things in Bryn's shop at Joy & Revelry. You don't want to miss the bamboo console and python bench. And don't forget to use the 10% discount for Look Linger Love readers. Just enter the code "BRYN_WHITEBOX_10at checkout.

Congrats on your new venture, Bryn!


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

That sounds like such a fun challenge, and a great way to do some rearranging! I love the box, it would be great for keys, sunglasses, etc. You know, that stuff I never can find a home for! I love how you have your shelves styled.


Laura Dro said...

Love the box and all the artwork up!


Alexa said...

Oh that box is the cutest! Thanks for pointing out her shop. She's seriously an amazing blogger!

Unknown said...

Great challenge. You did a fantastic job.

katie stevenson said...
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katie stevenson said...

Soooo fun! And I loooove how you've framed and hung Sally's painting on the left! Looks fabulous!

bryn alexandra said...

Chassity.. you blew this out of the PARK!!!! Seriously, so so good. You can style a bookcase like a PRO! Thanks so much for participating, and also for your kind words! You're the best!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Thanks so much ladies :) Yay for Bryn!! And Kate do you mean the face on the right? I'm like a Sally face whore, I have 3 over here. The one on the right is Jenny Anderson. And if you look closely on the top picture you'll see one of your pieces peaking in :)

Geesh I have a lot of talented friends.

katie stevenson said...

LOVE her faces! My mistake--the Jenny Anderson looks do much like Sally's. It's gorgeous and I love the colors!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

What a fun little box! twss
I did this challenge with Courtney, it's so fun to receive surprise presents!!!

Unknown said...

please come style my bookcases. i cannot figure out how to add photos.....pretty please?!

Cali said...

I love your bookcase styling!
Would you mind sharing where you got the umbrella print?