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August 31, 2012

Lately Loving

Um, Emerson Fry's Fall collection anyone? Dying.

I mean DANG all the shoes alone are killer.

Pictured above, she just seems like a cool chick, no? As an aside, major sale on her spring collection that I showed you all a few months back. It's pretty killer too.


Last night I attended Charleston Wine & Food Festival's Launch Party. Great time. Though I did come home with a lil belly ache thanks to sampling a million different plates and drinks. I'm never one to turn down a chef... It was fabulous. Tickets for February's event are now for sale.


Now I don't talk about celebs much on here, but allow me this... Luke Perry and Jennie Garth (Dylan & Kelly) might be an actual item now??? Say it isn't true. This makes me all sorts of giddy. I used to have a t-shirt with my picture and his on it and a huge heart around us. I was in love. They'd be so cute together, right?

{via NYPost}

And on that note --- Happy Weekend!!

August 30, 2012

B e a c h y

With the end of summer right around the corner, today I dedicate my blog to beachy art, stripes, and their fabulosity.

August 29, 2012


I admit I've never really had the gorgeous table. You know, like the pictures you see where everything is perfectly placed and there are fresh flowers, pretty books, the perfect sconce light...

 or maybe...

Mine is much more likely to have one of Lilly's princess crowns and some stray cheerios. But after seeing some gorgeous carafe's on pinterest, I'm a little motivated.

Or maybe some pink... 

August 28, 2012

S t e e l e

New favorite line? I think maybe.

View & shop  s t e e l e  here.

August 27, 2012

Backyard Plan

Morning :) I hope the weather where you are was as perfect as it was here this weekend. We barely came inside on Saturday. I got a double stroller (the Bob) and we have put some serious miles on that baby already. Stolled to dinner and everywhere else in between. Good stuff.

So one of our weekend projects was to start getting serious about our backyard. It's in need of a liiiiittle help. The grass, the patio, a place to store stuff. It's a big project. Have I mentioned that we have a pool? Not the garden style pool like at our old house but rather a more shapely "vintage" pool. It makes the design a little hard to work up. But I'm trying. And I think I've decided to go with the stone/grass look.

I love this photo above. We can find similar stones pretty inexpensively and the look is just down right visually pleasing. But I want the edges of the patio to kind of stagger some, almost like some sort of fell off. I know, it's hard to explain and hard to picture, and I was having a little trouble getting Josh to visualize it. And then I found this photo and about leapt out of my seat. Yes, yes, this was what I was picturing!!

So I'm feeling good that I've finally narrowed down the patio design. Oh, and speaking of the outdoors. We brought a little outdoors into our family room. Say hello to my fiddle leaf fig tree.

Love it. Now I need to find a bomb ass pot for her. I'm thinking magenta or maybe emerald green. Anyone seen anything around? Do you think I could just spray paint one without it looking all diy??

Images via Jeff Herr1st dibs, and my own.

August 24, 2012

Setting The Table - Southern Style

My dear friend (and new neighbor!) Calder Clark is yet again getting some glossy love in Southern Living's latest and greatest. She's giving the midas touch to a table scape, southern style. And I want to dine there.

Mixing up collected barware is a favorite of mine. So much more interesting.

Calder dipped these julep cup vases in latex paint to serve as party favors. Don't you love how they mimic the centerpiece?

And these ice breaker place settings are such a fun idea. Those are vintage French flower frogs that are holding each card.

Beautiful job, Calder. Such fun inspiration here.

You can check out whole spread in Southern Living's latest issue story or here!

PS- for those of you concerned in yesterday's post. The lil' stroller was no match for Fletcher, he's fine :)

August 23, 2012

Some Random Thursday Bits & Bobs

We've been reading a lot of Alice In Wonderful lately. It's Lilly's new favorite. And every time I try to think of a name for this new painting, Dinah comes to mind. Remember Dinah? Alice's cat? So I'm rolling with it. Dinah is up in my shop. But if she doesn't get snatched up, that's okay. I'm considering painting a partner for her and hanging them in my office.

I think she's super fun. And Dinah's a large lady, stretching her legs out to 36x30. Want more fun stuff? This morning I was on my friend Amber's blog, (and clearly neglecting my children - note the stroller that fell on Fletcher) and I peeped the blogger OKL sale that's starting today.

{This is the playroom, disaster area. And how dirty is my computer?? Ugh}

Super exciting stuff y'all. That site is going to be loaded with goodies hand selected by some pretty fabulous fellow bloggers. Don't miss it.

Lastly, I was browsing Target yesterday and came upon some really great plaids. Happy Happy. Go check them out if you haven't lately. How great is this blazer?? I don't see it online but it's in stores.

August 22, 2012

Foot Worthy

Have you met my friend Erica? She's all sorts of awesome.

Such a rad momma (she has 5 boys! 5!). She's a former designer for Sarah Richardson Inc & Design Inc (I know!). And she's just about the sweetest, lovliest person ever. I know this, we've hung out and stuff. Not to boast... :) But that's not what this post is about. This post is about how Erica has single handedly convinced me that I need some converse kicks. Scroll back up there and take a peek at her shoes. I'll wait.

Call them what you want... sneakers, kicks, tennies. I love them. And I know they've been around forever. Both Josh and Lilly have a pair But I never really thought that I needed them. Oh but I do. I dooo. And they don't break the bank at all. 

They have a million colors, and you can even customize them. I like the high top version too. Decisions decisions...

What do you think? Which Converse is your favorite? I think I'm partial to the dark colors.

August 20, 2012

What's In My Etsy Favorites

My latest saves and hearts...

Do I need a backpack? Of course not. But that rug and side table have me major lusting. And those earrings come in a lot of colors and are only $19.

Oh Hello New Kitchen Hood

Have I mentioned that our kitchen is still awaiting the hood, island, and banquette table? And we need this stuff in a major way. Not in a I can't live in this house and function kind of way, but in a our kitchen is freaking huge and needs some furniture kind of way. I'm stuck waiting on the island and table, but our hood IS on it's way :)

And I'm just saying. I'm just saying. It's exactly what I wanted.

Happy doesn't quite express my elation. I knew I wanted a statement piece. All of these kitchens inspired me.

I don't know, I'd say he nailed it. And by he, I mean my metalsmith, Aaron of Vogler Copperworks. It's fun when good guys that you grew up with have some crazy talent. 

Can't wait to get her up.