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June 29, 2012

Hang This Wear That Is Open!

So, I'm now not only an avid buyer in the Etsy community, but I'm now a seller there as well!

For now the name is "Hang This Wear That" because I get so much of my inspiration from clothing and that's how I first introduced my art here on the blog. But it could change. I also need to do something with my banner but have no idea what nor do I know how to do it. Hmmmm. 

Regardless, my art shop is live. I have a lot of new stuff in there. Like these...

And I just finished up a series on linen too. Love the texture on these girls.
Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and freaking do it, ya know? And I can say with certainty that I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for your support. I love this blog space soooo much. It has brought a lot of goodness to my life thanks to all of my awesome readers from all over the world. You guys are cool, I don't tell you that enough. But really, ya'll are super cool and I really wish we could have dinner and sit and chat and sip on yummy lavender martinis.

Also, thank you so so much for all the kind comments on the house happenings. I have to admit it's a little stressful trying to get that house ready, be a mom, and everything else! Who am I to complain (for the record I'm not)! It will be worth it. Anyways- Happy Friday, Everyone!!

June 28, 2012

More House Happenings

Hey I'm on a roll now for showing y'all updates. Now that some interesting things are starting to happen anyway :) Again, sorry if you follow me on instagram and have seen a few of these.

Here's a shot of part of the back of the house. Just got these lights up (one more going up in between these two as well).

Yep, we're painting the brick white...

Some kitchen lights that I'm totally digging. Thanks to Melissa at Veranda Interiors for hooking that up!

The beginnings of a banquette.

Ceiling detail in the master bedroom.

And Lilly checking out her new playroom.

Apparently there is a lot of black and white, ha! It's looking good and I'm so freaking excited to move in. Lots of work to be done yet!

June 27, 2012

What Men Want You To Wear... Gag Me

Let me vent for a day, please? I'm so sick of seeing this kind of headline "What Guys Really Want You To Wear" or "What Guys Don't Like To See Women Wear". I'm sorry, but who gives a flying ****?

How about we all just wear what we want to wear, what makes us feel good. We only live once (and it's a quick life), so let's just have fun with our wardrobe and not over think this. Do you think my husband likes everything in my closet? Nope, not at all. But he knows that dressing up is fun for me. And if I'm having fun in what I'm wearing then that makes me a more fun person to be around. And well isn't that the whole point anyway? To enjoy life?

I asked Josh what he thought of this dress. He said it looks stupid and like she's a bullfighter. Well you know what, I love it. And so does she. And she's enjoying it, see that little smirk on her face? Go her.

Okay, glad we had this chat. Now let's not worry about what anyone else thinks of our clothes (men OR women). Hopefully, none of you cared anyway!

Need a little more inspiration? Just go see the Man Repeller, of course!

Image via.

June 26, 2012

Check Out These Peeps

Because they're all major.


Kokoon is SOOO close to launching their online shopping site (which will make snatching up Laine Sue's designs a breeze). Like this gorgeous print dress below. Um hello lover. As for the online shop, I'll let you know when it's up. So excited for them!



Michelle's pillows are the bomb. Cool people just make cool stuff, ya know? If you read her blog then you know she's cool. Check out this outfit to room post she came up with.

I'm thinking that one of her Second Street East pillows would be insane in here. Like this one.



If you're as obsessed with instagram as I am then I think you'll love this idea.

So, if you've got 'em stack 'em up and instagram it! If you don't, well you know where to go :)



I'm just saying... if you need an iPad or iPhone case, check out Pretty Smitten. Elizabeth has a ton of designs and totally works with you to get you something custom and unique. So you can be as picky as you want :)


Pretty Mommy

First off, did you see Michelle's home on Design Mom last week? Home Crush.

She's so cute, as are her little girls, so is her home - go see the post if you haven't yet. But then you must go check out her new arrivals at her Pretty Mommy shop, because you know they're cute too.



I know I've already posted about Matine this month, but Carolyn added these little business card holders, and well, how cute are they??

Much love to all my June sponsors!! xx

June 25, 2012


When I began planning the lighting in our new home I knew I wanted to incorporate Kaarskoker's candlestick sleeves. We have an old crystal chandelier that's original to the house that I want to funk up a bit. I think I'll be putting it in our closet. These candlestick sleeves are cute, inexpensive and can really change the look of a fixture.

I love how Leah Ball Steen used the sleeves in her dining nook, which was featured in Rue Magazine last year.

I haven't yet narrowed down which design I'm going with, there are so many gorgeous and unique options. I have another light I think I'm going to use them on too. Have any of you used these before?

June 23, 2012

To Your Weekend

Just popping in to share this moment I caught at the beach on Sullivan's this morning (of course I can't get them both to look at the camera). But I haven't shared a photo of the kids in awhile. They're getting so big. After we got them home and down for naps Josh and I jumped in the pool (kidless = pool bliss). Next up, the best burgers in town at the Tattooed Moose (if you're local, trust me).

Those are some sweet kids right there. The mosquitos think so too - poor Lilly gets eaten alive despite our best efforts. Oh, and you can't tell in this picture but that is one cute suit on her. Just got it on sale at J.Crew. 

I hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!

June 22, 2012

When In Doubt, Go Pink

It doesn't happen often, but man this last week I've been struggling here on the blog. Here's hoping I come back refreshed from the weekend. On a good note, I had a nice week in my "real life". On the momma front, Lilly had ballet camp complete with a little recital yesterday. She loved it (and I loved the extra time!).

Oh, and I also got a pink fireplace :)

Enjoy the weekend!

June 21, 2012

Thursday Shops Of Note

Because shouldn't every Thursday begin with a little browsing?...

I just got lost in Blueprint Modern's lookbook.

I actually think they emailed me a few weeks ago. I didn't pay much attention then... my bad.


My friend Christine just opened up an art shop, Wink of Pink. All sorts of beautiful and girly pretty over there.

Just a little peek, you really must go see the rest. Congrats, Christine :)


I recently popped into Scout & Catalog's shop to see what was new. Loving this scarf and gradient silk tank.


And I'll wrap this up with this gorgeous dress that's on it's way to me. It pretty much looks like the perfect summer dress - forgiving and flattering, lightweight, and with cute details. I got the yellow

June 20, 2012

For A Prettier Photo

Why not have a pretty camera? Is it ridiculous that I feel the urge to swap out my camera strap for something way more fun? It's not like I'm a photographer or anything.

I just like pretty things. And naturally I really, really want the sequin one, but maybe in the copper color.

Maybe then if I bring my camera on our upcoming family trip I won't look like such a tourist (you know I won't bring it, I'm a sucker for my iPhone). Which reminds me to ask... We're heading to Newport Beach, CA. I've never been and would love some "must visit" local recommendations! Especially your kid friendly ones.

June 19, 2012

Hold On To Your Highballs

Golly, did y'all see Roxy's latest Society Social Manifesto Magalog?? Full of prettiness.

I'm spying all sorts of lovely things I'd like to put in my house (and you all know how much I love my Society Social Draper Table). Incredible job, Roxy. I mean, really incredible. 

June 18, 2012

Monday Favorites

It was a great weekend around here. I'm feeling a little scatter brained so I thought I'd share some recent favorites that I've been eyeing... Here ya go.

You all know I'm a fan of Lulie's work (see my In Her Studio Q&A here). She recently finished up a bunch of these lil guys. How cute are they?

I've been looking around for fabric for our banquette cushion in our kitchen. There are so many pretty fabrics that it's really hard to choose one and run with it. Over the weekend I found this fun print by Lulu DK. It's a possibility for sure. Love all these color ways.

How cute is this little white dress. Love the pop of sequin along the bottom, and it's only $99. Not bad at all and probably needs to be in my closet.

I'm dying to do this ivy screen wall on one end of our porch. Want to whip this up for us, Josh?

And how great is this shot that local photographer Alice Keeney got of Lulumon's opening celebration last week here in Charleston?! They shut down part of King Street for a 500 person yoga class. So fun.