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May 31, 2013

What I'm Wearing: Wild Horses + Pom Poms

Ahhh Friday, so lovely to see you so quickly. Here's to short weeks. We're catching a Spoleto concert on the lawn at the Cistern tonight with some friends. Johnnyswim - ever heard of them? Also on tap for the weekend is a baby shower and a bowling birthday night. Man I love bowling. And I plan to spend a lot of time poolside in between.

I'm a big big big time fan of this Ted Baker wild horses cover up. It's cute and fun, lightweight, flowy, and can take me straight to lunch after the beach/pool. I really like the matching bikini, too.

And that pom pom beach bag is on sale for just $12!! There is a blue as well as some stripe versions, too. Such a score. (Don't forget to fill it with pretty stripe towels.)

 That's my "such a score" dork face. Have a happy and sunny weekend, Everyone!

Photography by Gray Benko.

May 30, 2013

Garden Ready

Over porch drinks last night, I was laughing with my girlfriend, Krystine, over the topics of conversation we regularly have these days. I never would have thought I'd have such an interest in garden and landscaping, but as I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate how fun and pretty garden decor really is. Really. All you youngin's stop rolling your eyes at me (I'm not talking about gazing balls).

These spaces matter a lot when you spend a good portion of your days outdoors and enjoy entertaining. If you think your porch needs a lift I recommend checking out Anthropologie's garden section. It's a dream. I got both of these planters there and I'm in love with them.

This daisy dappled planter is freaking amazing. I want a million more of them. I think the laid back asparagus fern is really cool in there.

 And I'm constantly filling this little herb pot with yard clippings.

Check out Anthropologie's garden section. I also love this doormat, this hammock, and this birdhouse is like art! Thanks for making gardening cool, Anthro.

May 29, 2013

About A Bed

Following up on this post, I'm making real progress on spiffing up our master bed and will hopefully have something to share with you soon. In the meantime, have you been making steps on updating your bedding? There's so much new pretty out there right now. Here are a few of my favorites that are perfect for updating or mixing in with what you have.

Biscuit Bedding. I mean, it doesn't get much better than this. Really. See?

And who couldn't use a little tassel action in your bedroom? (On your sheets y'all, get your minds out of the gutter.) Love the clean look of this fringe bedding.

Or this monet-esque rosemoor duvet. So romantical. I know that's not a word.

I'm drawn to this cherry duvet every time I click over to Serena & Lily. I couldn't handle it in my room, but definitely could in a guest room or on a little girl's bed. Oh hey look, there's that adorable tassel window panel, too.

And just as much as I love a chambray shirt, I also love this chambray bedding. Never ever ending mix and matching possibilities. I love how they broke up the set and used gingham sheets and toile shams.

I wanna crawl in.

May 28, 2013

30 Is Not The New 20

Hey all you 20 somethings, watch this video. I even watched it (ahem I'm no long a 20 something and am now 31) and I'm like yeah, that's a good video. Plus, she's talking to you. 

It just might inspire you to look at things a little differently. Boyfriends, jobs, how you spend your free time. I totally related to a point she made about dating a guy "just because" even though you knew he would never be "the one". I broke up with that exact guy on our 1 year anniversary because I hated that I had wasted a year with him (that sounds bad, he really wasn't a bad guy). But 2 months later I met Josh. Not that everyone should meet their true love at the ripe age of 24 like I did, because I don't necessarily think that at all. But just consider what Meg Jay has to say.

What I'm Wearing: Chambray + Polka Dots

Sunny, summer days call for easy clothes. I love this sleeveless chambray top and these polka dot shorts because they can both be worn with so many things in a lot of different ways (remember when I wore these shorts with floral?). I'm getting my moneys worth out of them, which is when I always know that I made a good investment. Last week I paired them with summer's most versatile chambray for a night out downtown.

 La Mer makes the most perfect summer watches. I could collect a bunch of these.

We stopped for a little show, too. Because why not?

You don't take pictures in parking garages, too? Gray thought the lighting was cool. I dig it.

Photography by Gray Benko.

May 27, 2013

Our Memorial Weekend

It was amazing. We ate, we drank, we swam, we beached, we bruised ribs on the slip & slide (alright I didn't), we lounged, we conquered. God bless America and those who serve her.

Good night.

May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Hit List

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone! I love a long holiday weekend. We're spending it with family (just us, not extended) and a lot of friends. We'll hit up the beach, dip in the pool, go for golf cart rides, and eat a lot. I'm betting a few cocktails will be thrown in there, too. Doesn't that margarita look amazing? I could only drink one though, sugary sweet drinks give me a sour stomach.

Another holiday weekend plus?? All the sales. I mean, they're everywhere and plentiful! Go out and support your local shops. I'm hoping to swing by Hampden Clothing, Gwynn's, and II Brunettes. And don't forget about all the crazy deals online, too. Here's a round up for you with a few of my sale favorites.

Nordstrom's half yearly sale":

tibi dress (i have this in pink - so flattering), missoni wrap dressvalentino bow sandal


Asos - take 20% off with code "TAKE20":

And remember this floral shift dress I blogged a few days ago? Even prettier in person. But it runs small, order up a size. Isn't Gray a pretty model? :)


Shopbop has a lot of pretty sale additions:
thread chiffon dress, rebecca taylor dress, cynthia vincent sandals (i have these in 2 colors, obsessed)


Victoria's Secret's annual swim sale:

Especially loving this bikini.


Saks has an up to 40% off sale:


And these awesome shops are having sales too! Piperlime, Free People, J.Crew, Madewell, Les Nouvelle, Pretty Mommy.

Happy Weekend! I hope you all have a great weekend doing what you love best.

May 24, 2013

Art Collected

The gallery wall. It's kind of the ultimate signifier of a home owner's style. A way of saying "I live here, this is so me". We see them all the time on pinterest. But what about in your friends' homes? Maybe a little harder to come by. Because, for one thing, an art collection takes time (and some money) to curate. And two, a good gallery wall is friggin' hard to pull off. But worth it when you do.

Gallery walls add dimension and texture to a room. They allow you to showcase your style through many pieces as opposed to just one. Just be sure that what you're collecting and showcasing is representative of you. And have fun with it. Seriously. The stuffy art collections always come off as, well, stuffy.

Betchya can't find a favorite! In honor of Memorial Day take 25% off your purchase in my art shop through Monday using the code "TAKE25".

May 23, 2013

Hey All You Quirky & Colorful Design Lovers

The splashy design shop where all the cool kids buy their "omg where did you get that" coveted treasures is having a Memorial Day sale now through Monday. 15% off storewide, y'all. What is this shop you ask? I'm betting most of you know it well - none other than Furbish. You also probably already know that Jamie (Furbish's owner) doesn't have many sales... so when she does everyone takes note.

Just a few of my favorites...

It's like, you're favorite things on steroids in one pretty place. And on sale. Use code "LONGWEEKEND". Jamie's a cool chick - go support her!

May 22, 2013

New & Now

J.Crew just listed the blue button front linen dress that I bought over the weekend and wore to the wedding!! This picture below is funny because my gal friends (Jenn, Ashley, and Anna) and I all randomly wore the same blue.

I'm pretty obsessed with the dress, it's a flattering silhouette. Wear it with flats, heels, or wedges! I love the hydrangea pink version, too.

J.Crew's New & Now sale event is going on right now so it's a good time to look around. Here are some of my other favorite new arrivals.

Also, Nordstrom just launched their big 40% off sale. It's like crack over there. 40% off my favorite brands is stupid good. Check out these Vince sandals, the Man Repeller collection, and this Joie dress

There now. Are we all Memorial Day ready?