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July 23, 2013

Head Over To The New Look Linger Love

Please head over to the new Look Linger Love website. I'm so excited to show you around :)

All Look Linger Love blog posts from here forward will be published on

July 21, 2013

Our Weekend: Lowcountry Getaway

If you've been following my instagram then you caught a glimpse of the beautiful weekend I had. We headed 2 hours south to Bluffton, SC and stayed with my friend Gray's family at her parent's home. Now, saying that this part of the lowcountry is beautiful and amazing just doesn't do it justice. The best way I can think to describe it is this - place yourself in the middle of your favorite Nicholas Sparks book. There you are. Lovely, isn't it?

Gray's parents, Joe & Mary (yes Gray is like Baby Jesus), have a dreamy home right on the May River. The views are incredible. We spent our time on the boat, anchoring at sandbars, waiting out rainstorms, fishing, porch swinging, and eating lowcountry boils. The kids had a blast. Here are some pics. Most were snapped by Gray, some by me.

trip9trip4trip3trip5trip6 trip

We stopped in at Palmetto Bluff for lunch. I have a deep love for that place.


Guys had to get out and push when our boat hit bottom...


But we still made it to Marshside Momma's.


It was a good weekend.

July 20, 2013

Saturday Style File: It's Baaaaaack!

Shopbop is back, y'all. Who else was having withdrawals during their site update???

Go see what's new right here. And while you're browsing around, you most definitely want to head over to Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. It's pretty major.

Happy weekend, y'all!

July 19, 2013

Sole Society

I have a new shoe obsession. I've been spending ridiculous amounts of time on Sole Society's site lately. Ridiculous amounts of time pouring over all their pretty shoes that are not expensive. Like, at all. And Julianna Hough's pretty face modeling them doesn't hurt either. It's the happiest little place over there - I just love when new brands come out with fists swinging.

If you're not scoping them out then you're, well, missing out. So go scope them out. Check out their jewelry, too. I love this spike & crystal necklace.

Oh, and hell to the fucking yeah - it's Friday!

July 17, 2013

What's In My Etsy Favorites

Time for another Etsy Favorites feature. Here are my new favorite etsy finds...

Etsy - where talent abounds.

This & That: Booties

Wear that and this and this and that and that and this...

I'm a major fan of booties. I don't find tall boots to be all that comfortable so booties are really where it's at in my book. Thankfully they're 100% IN right now so there are some fun styles to pick up, especially thoese strap booties. And can you even believe that gorgeous jeweled dress?

July 15, 2013

LLL Loves

So many things on my mind right now. Here's a little brian dump...

This Elizabeth & James blazer and shorts combo is flat out killer. I can't get it out of my head.

 As is this twill/corduroy jacket. The perfect fall jacket. Do you like it better in white or black?

This layered top is pretty perfect too, comes in blue and red as well. $58 well spent in my opinion.

And I feel like I could live in this sweater.

Remember my friend Teil? Well her series of beach paintings are sweeping the internet for good reason. They're TO DIE FOR.

Loving these canvas/sequined weekender duffels. The interior lining is just as cute as the outside!

That'll do it. Forgive me for the spacey post. I'm spending a lot of time finalizing my new Look Linger Love site :) Launch will be sometime soon. Not sure when yet, but soon soon soon!

In My Bedroom: Biscuit Bedding

Remember my search for new bedding? Well my friend Bailey of Biscuit Home Shop (as well as the awesome blog Peppermint Bliss) came to my rescue and made my master bedroom the bomb digity. We worked together choosing pieces from her Biscuit Bedding line and came up with, what I believe to be, pure dreaminess.

Bed: Restoration Hardware (very similar bed here)
Duvet & Shams: Biscuit Home c/o
Leopard Lumbar Pillow: Biscuit Home c/o
Kanth Quilt on Headboard: Celadon (very similar quilt here)
Lamps: Target
Silk Drapes: Pottery Barn
Bedside Tray: Tilly Maison

It's pretty much the softest bedding I've ever slept on. My friend Alex recently wrote that she's a bedding snob and that Biscuit Bedding is totally her jam (or something like that- give me a break I'm not going to go look it up exactly). But she went on and on about how she was shocked at how well priced Biscuit Bedding is considering what a high quality product it is. Well I 100% agree. So ditto, Alex.

Fletcher decided to photo-crash my pictures. Seriously. Don't worry, he didn't witness me jumping on the bed.

Thank you to my bedding fairies, Biscuit Bedding, for hooking me up in the prettiest way possible. I'm so happy with how my bed turned out. And thanks to those bedding fairies you can shop the entire Biscuit Home & Bedding collection and get 15% off of your purchase using the code "Biscuit15". Hurry though, ends tonight at midnight central time.

PS: You can find my pajamas right here at J.Crew. They're monogram-able, too :)

Photography by Gray Benko.

July 14, 2013

Sunday Style File: Now & Later

Sundays are meant to be happy, comfortable, relaxing. It starts with what you throw on in the morning. The key is to have attractive "comfort clothes". That way there is no decision over whether to dress cute & uncomfortable vs comfy & slobby.
splendid foldover leggings - these!! perfect for chilly mornings
david galan wristlet - really the white, too
wildfox sweatshirt - perfectly thin, slouchy, & gently worn looking
laundry room bleached jean shorts - where now while it's hot

Today we went to the beach and then all came home and took naps. It was delightful. Now I'm working on getting some things done and organized to start the week, aka a lot of laundry.

July 11, 2013

Her Style

This street style photo caught my eye hard. Those lace up booties seal the whole deal for me. My mind has kind of switched gears and is now focused on fall fashion. I'm finding that the things I'm scooping up are of the long sleeves and pants variety. Now I need some fresh booties.

These BE & D lace up booties are most definitely my favorite (the black pair, too), with these Sorel booties and these Minnetonkas following closely behind.

Happy Friday!

Photo courtesy Elle.

Drapery Tales

Here at the new house (though we've been here a year so I suppose I can't call it new anymore) I still need window treatments on a lot of our windows. I totally love roman shades, I do, but I really love that there are so many ready made pretty drapes available. Plus they look really good, open or pulled closed. Here are some of my favorite store bought options.

These mantadia curtains are one of my most favorites. Such a custom look.

Here's a look at them in another space.

These navy floral curtains add good pattern to a space...

They're pretty in yellow, too.

Love these vintage style speckled blooms drapes, as seen in Nicole's house.

These fog chevron panels are great if you want to allow a lot of light in and bring in a little pattern.

Velvet drapes are soft and cancel out a lot of light. Here are the velvet curtains that we put up in Fletcher's room.

And I will never ever tire of these french tassel drapes. Only problem is choosing a favorite color.

Pretty windows. Word.

July 10, 2013

I'm On Keep

I'm a Keeper! Are you? Wondering what it is? It's the new visual marketplace for happy & productive shopping. It's pretty much just like Pinterest, except you "keep" things instead of "pin" them. And the best part - it's based totally on shopping. Yep.

I've been busy creating boutiques based around my favorite things like fashion, furniture, art...

Keep is soooo good for me b/c as much as I would like to blog about everything that I love, I can't. Keep allows me to organize all my favorites in one easy spot just by clicking "keep it" in my toolbar (the process is just like pinterest). So you can follow along and see what I'm loving, too

I hope you will come join! The Keep curators are top notch and find the most unique and awesome things (that you can actually easily buy). Come find me on Keep HERE.

This post brought to you by Keep. All opinions (and my obsession for Keep) are my own.