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November 22, 2010

J.Crew Shoe Of The Month Club - A Review

Have you ever wondered about the J.Crew Shoe of the Month Club?  If you're a serious shoe addict like me then you probably have.  In fact, I will go as far as to say that if you read my blog you probably have.  When I began researching the club last year, I could find NOTHING.  Seriously, it was like an exclusive secret society that was kept under wraps.  So, of course I joined.  Every month when that specially chosen pair arrived on my doorstep it was like pure bliss.  And I'm here today to throw back the curtain and reveal my year worth of shoes.  Delight.   

I chose to receive all heels, but you can also choose all flats or a mixture of both.

January: Soleil Nubuck Platform Heels.  $225

February: Dani Neon Leather Heels.  $235 (Arrived just in time for Valentine's Day)

March: Lilly Peeptoe Heels.  $ 228

April: Caden Suede Cork Wedges.  $150

May: Julienne Suede Heels.  $198

June: Sardinia Wedge Espadrille Heels.  $118

July: Demetra Heels.  $198

August: Langford Leather High Heel Oxfords.  $275

September: Bronson Suede Booties.  $250

October: Miller High Heel Motorcycle Boots.  $298

November: Archer Peep-Toe Ankle Boots.  $250

December: Gibson Suede Lace-up Platform Sandal.  $275

*EDIT*  I've added December's shoe.

You may be wondering why I'm including the prices.  This is so you can see that you really do get a deal on all of these shoes by joining the club.

My Reveiw = Best club ever!  While I love to shop (you all know this by now) it was also thrilling to have J.Crew's stylists surprise me every month with a new gorgeous pair. 

All images via J.Crew


Morgan said...

Um, had NO idea this existed! It would be hard to part with $1800 but you're right... you definitely get your money's worth!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

this is great. i would be thrilled to have a new pair of shoes show up every month, lucky girl.

Unknown said...

Seriously??? How great is this!!! I love the shoes you got and how exciting to have a new pair arrive every month! Love to find $1800:)

Michaela said...

You're so right...this IS the best club ever!! What a great deal. And SUPER cute shoes. It's like Christmas every month for you (: My favorite are the peep toe with the flower

jane says said...

I have always heard of this club and until you posted this a couple months ago I was never able to find out more about it. I am so glad you posted this information. Now if only I could find $1800 in my couch or something. Thank you for posting!

traci zeller designs said...

Wow, that really does work out to be a deal! Now we need someone to post all of the flats!! ;-)

Leah said...

What a genius idea!!!


Unknown said...

You lucky, lucky girl...I feel a bit lightheaded looking at all these goodies!

Unknown said...

That is an amazing collection you have.. I can imagine the pure bliss when that box arrives every month :) xx

Jylare Smith said...

LOVE them! Especially Feb, March, Aug and Dec. Lucky girl. :)

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

Love JCrew! That would be a fun gift to have a new pair of shoes every month delivered to your doorstep!

WPZ - Sandy said...

Hi - I'm looking for a review of the Miller Heeled boot... can you tell me if it runs true to your usual size? Thank you so much! Or your opinion on the sizing of J Crew shoes in general... if you can please let me know via email I would so appreciate it! sandymeep @ gmail (dot) com

Bright Smile said...

So insanely envious! I just posted about this in my blog. (I hope that's ok!) You are a lucky gal!