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October 11, 2010

Fashion Illustrator Brooke Hagel

While at the Nate Show taping in NYC I met a lot of talented and inspiring interior designers.  What I wasn't expecting was to meet such a groovy fashion illustrator among the group of bloggers.  Brooke Hagel has an eye for style and, unlike me, has the ability to put it on paper in an artistic form worthy of print.  Really, she's even been published in the book Fashion Illustration Exposed.  Check out some of her work.

She also does custom bridal illustrations.  How cool would it be to have one of these?

Brooke was sweet enough to answer a few of my questions.

Look Linger Love: What is the process like from start to finish?
Brooke: It always varies from project to project.  Sometimes I'm working for a client and it's very specific, and sometimes I just find something I'm inspired by and incorporate it into a drawing.  I start with rough "thumbnail" sketches where I settle on poses and play around with it.  Then once I've settled on the look I create a polished line drawing lightly in pencil.  I perfect the sketch and make sure it's good to go, then I begin the final step of coloring and rendering.  I primarily use markers and colored pencils, but there are a few secret weapons I pull out from time to time (which I occasionally write more about on my blog).
LLL: How did you enter the field?
Brooke: I went to school (FIT) for fashion and costume design and quickly realized that the illustration part was my favorite step in the design process.  I left school and worked in wardrobe, styling, and design, but missed illustrating.  I started an Etsy ( shop selling prints of my sketches and displaying my custom bridal illustrations, which for years I've made for friends, and it's grown from there.
LLL: Who are your muses/models?
Brooke: I'm constantly inpired by my friends, their outfits, hair, photos, everything.  Also, living in NYC you see lots of good looking (and some crazy looking) people on the street out and about.  I used to be very into magazines, but these days I'm more of a blog girl and have been known to grab a look from a fashion blogger or two.  (Then have sent them the sketch and asked permission to use their photos)
LLL: What makes a woman sexy?
Brooke: Confidence is key.  A confident woman can wear anything and look great.  It's all about her strut and how she carries herself.
LLL: Who are your favorite illustrators?
Brooke: Renaldo Barnette and Aaron Potts are good friends who are both amazing illustrators.  Audrey Shilt, Alfredo Cabrera, and Garance Dore are also among my favorites. 
LLL: Are you like your illustrations?
Brooke: I wish!!! At least not in looks, although I think my personality shines through in them a bit and I do have naturally curly big hair, like the girl I use for most of my branding.  Her waist size and big pouty lips however, not so much.
LLL: Who are your clients?
Brooke: I do a lot of bridal illustrations for brides all around the globe.  I've worked with brides from all over; Australia, the UK, Canada, Morroco, and all over the US of course.  I also get a lot of clients who need illustrations for websites, blogs, branding, and marketing that really range the gamut of products and industries.  Recent clients include: Timex, Material Girls, Cherry Picked, E Drop-Off Express, The Observatory Hotel, Product-n-Press, Engage Bridal, and Masterpiece Studios.
LLL: How much do you charge for a custom illustration?
Brooke: Custom work starts at $350.

Thanks so much Brooke for sharing your brilliant work and more about yourself.  I feel honored to have you here!

Go check out Brooke's etsy shop to see more, and follow along on her blog to keep up with her.  She also has a facebook fan page

Also, Fall Recipe Exchange was kicked off in a BIG way over at Domestic Dish.  I'm dying to try her Pumpkin Lasagna recipe.


domestic dish said...

Wow...what beautiful work. I must check out her shop! That must have been so fun to go to the nate show...I wish I had such artistic talents!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chassity; you're talking about the most talented girl on the upper west side of manhattan...

Gray Benko said...

This is amazing! She is insanely talented. What a great interview!

torrie said...

Yes- insanely talented. I love her comment about confidence. It's so very true.

traci zeller designs said...

I checked Brooke's shop out after meeting her at the Nate after-party as well. She is AMAZING!!! I am so impressed at her unbelievable talent. Her illustrations are to die for!

Estelle Hayes said...

I am a big fan of Brooke's work. She is so talented and I love all the fashion illustration that comes from and inspires so much creative work. Thanks for posting this interview. It's always so interesting to learn about an artist.