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November 18, 2011

LLL Teams Up With Artist Sally King Benedict For YOUUUUU!

Excitement Alert:

You know the super fabulous artist Sally King Benedict that is popping up EVERYWHERE these days from magazines to online?  The very one who's art graces the walls of the most gorgeous homes... which we all covet.  Well this Monday we ALL have the opportunity to have a little Sally splendid of our very own.

LLL + Sally Benedict = Small Framed Works!

Right here on Look Linger Love, Sally will be offering a smattering of pieces
ranging in size & style with a price point that starts at $125. 
Just in time for the holidays!

Here's a teensy peek at just some of the pieces you'll see next week!

It's going to be good.  These are obviously all originals, so once they're gone I'm sad to say that they're gone.  {Pssst you'll want to act quick!}  So mark it in your calendars for this Monday, 11/21/11. Oh and for a little weekend reading, check out Sally's Home Tour & Interview on Glitter Guide.  It's Fabulous!  Be sure to check out Sally's website too!


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

You know I can't wait! The problem is going to be stopping at one or two paintings! GORGEOUS!

Emily | Recently said...

No way!!!! You can bet I'll be here bright and early Monday morning!

(Eileen) a creative day said...

Ahhhhh so excited for Monday!!! How exciting!

Happy Weekend :-)

Leslie said...

That's so exciting!

Unknown said...

Holy crap this is awesome...I might have to rescind my earlier email!!!

Unknown said...

So fantastic! Wishing I didn't have the time difference working against me! Wonderful opportunity.

Lily said...

Gorgeous and what an amazing deal !!


blue chickadee said...

Ummm, so excited about this!!! You know I will be online bright and early Monday morning!!!

travelkate said...

WOW! Exciting! I will def be back here early Mon!