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December 12, 2011

Kate Long Stevenson Small Works Sale - Now Live!

Welcome to Kate Long Stevenson's very first blog sale!

You have no doubt lusted over Kate Long Stevenson's paintings, for it's nary a blog that hasn't doted over her work.  And if you're a regular reader here, you've seen Kate's name pop up quite a few times... That's because Kate's figurative and abstract interpretations are nothing short of extraordinary.  So it's no surprise that she's been featured in Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Lonny Magazine, just to name a few. 

Titled "Vivaldi"
Inspired by music to which she is listening, Kate works her way through each piece she paints while using color to express emotion.  The resulting paintings are an expression of movement as much as they are of beauty.

Today we all have the opportunity to own our very own piece of Kate's work. 
Below you'll find 19 framed, original, small works in a range of prices and sizes.
Maybe a little holiday gift to yourself, you've been wanting to expand your art collection afterall... or for someone special on your list!

Each piece's info (title, size, and price) is listed below the piece.  All works are
  comprised of gouache, oil pastel + graphite on paper.  The figures are each
floating in a simple cream frame so that the beveled edge of the paper is visible,
and the measurement listed is of the paper itself. The small abstracts are behind
mat board and in cream frames as well.  Shipping charge is $10 per piece.  
Available Pieces:

"1", 7x10, $240 SOLD

"2", 7x11, $250 SOLD

"3", 7x11, $250 SOLD

"4", 8x11, $260

"5", 8x11, $260 SOLD

"6", 7x11, $250 SOLD

"7", 7x9, $230 SOLD

"8", 6x10, $230

"9", 8x10, $260 SOLD

"10", 8x10, $260 SOLD

"11", 6.5x8.5, $215 SOLD

"12" 6.5x8.5, $215 SOLD

"13", 6x9, $215 SOLD

"14", 6x7.5, $200 SOLD

"15", 6.5x8.5, $215 SOLD

"16", 5x5, $130 SOLD

"17", 4x4, $115 SOLD

"18" 4x4, $115 SOLD

"19", 4x4, $115 SOLD

Here's how you make your purchase:

Email me at with the number of the piece you would like to purchase. First come first serve. These are all originals so once a piece sells it's gone (but oh so lucky for the new owner!). Payments by check and cash only and should be made out directly to Kate Long Stevenson (I'll send you the mailing address when you email me).  Payment should be received by December 19th or your piece will be re-listed as available. Your paintings will ship once payment has been received.

Happy shopping and thank you so much!


The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Beautiful indeed! Wish I had the spare cash to scoop one up... they are all so lovely and emotive.



Unknown said...

These are SO stunning- I am really sad I can't purchase one...if it wasn't right before Christmas:( Ah #14 would have looked SO good in my living room- tears. This is an absolutely AMAZING sale Chassity- love every sinlge one!!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Wow those went fast!!!

Lily said...

They went super fast !! They are gorgeous !


designchic said...

Such an amazing the modern pieces!!